Saturday, September 26, 2015

Our new closet

Matt built me an industrial style closet bar and shelf with black steel pipes and wood.  Our closet is shaping up!  I love the look of it and having it but have a feeling I'm not quite done with it.  But these things take time to come to me sometimes, and I try to relax and enjoy the process.  Matt thought I was being sarcastic when I enthusiastically said, "I love organizing my closet."   Nope!  I really really love it!!  


Fall begins with more church activities.  Last fall we did Pizza with the Pastor and really loved it, so we are doing it again this fall.  Here's our first guests - the best people.  We love them so much.  The Sennes (on the right) even brought apples from their trees.  Delicious, huge, and so juicy.  
And Kids 4 Truth started off with a bang and all of the happy chaos that a first night brings.  We had 16 kids and lots of new ones to register, so I was busy doing that.  And there's talk of more coming next week!  Bring 'em on!  We celebrated with ice cream as usual.  What better way is there to celebrate?  So we are trusting God for a great year.  

Clay County Fair

We were able to spend a few hours at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, IA last weekend.  It was fun just checking it out since we hadn't been there before.  Here the kids are on the Republican elephant.  
A house in the middle of a redwood tree.  We took a tour.  
Jack and Ava both did a volcano experiment with Mentos and Diet Pepsi.  

These little horses were $350 regularly and I think had a fair special of $250.  Ha.  But nice they let the kids try them out for free.  They have pedals or something to help you go. 

This is what I call a Batmobile.  Not sure what it's real name is.   It has 3 wheels and looks pretty cool.  
Holy cow look at that cow!  Had to say it once just for dad.  He always used to say that when we'd go to the fair.  
Lots of beautiful horses and even though the light is dim, I thought this guy looked pretty cool.  
One more!


Our little firefighter.  
Tooth #5? 6?  Losing count!
I am loving the drive every day (really!) with these two.  They make me laugh with the things they say and with the stories of the day.  It's good quality time that I wouldn't get normally.  So I am eating it up.  And I love going over their papers from the day or week.  Ava has been studying bus safety and took a "test".  She was supposed to put a smiley face for a true statement and a sad face for a false statement.  When I asked her why she put a sad face by the statement of the bus having a danger zone around it (it does), she said, "Well, dangow is sad."  Ha

When Jack brought home his life sized picture of himself that he drew, Ava said , "Let's call him Mawk." Mark after a kid in Jack's class.  Haha. Jack didn't appreciate that.  

So these are fun times.  The best really. I love how Ava is so happy and talking so much more and how Jack is just as social and happy as he always is.  It was a smooth transition.  And I'm doing well in the office.  The more I learn, the more work I have to do and that's a good thing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Aaron Reunion

We were able to have a play date with Aaron yesterday.  After not seeing him for a month, he looks older but hasn't forgotten us.  I think he was a little afraid I would take him from his mom, but he had a great time with the kids.  What special friends we have now through him!

Our School

We really are enjoying our new school, and all of the flowers surrounding it are so beautiful.  I'm enjoying the drive through the farms and I love the hustle and bustle and get a lump in my throat every now and then like when I hear the pledges, when I see the kids happily playing outside, and when I walk by their classroom and hear the lessons and the kids answering questions excitedly.  We go to bed much earlier now, and so far haven't been too tired throughout the day.  It's really fit into our lives perfectly at this time in our lives, and I couldn't be happier about it.  I do whatever they tell me to do in the office and am hanging in there pretty well considering I haven't worked in an office in a few years.  So this is our life right now in addition to church and family life.  Our kids program starts next week at church, so then we will be in our fall routine.  Bring it on!  

The Little Red Schoolhouse Day Care

Kite Fly

Friends of ours manage the airport in Jackson which is about a half hour away, and they had a kite fly last weekend.  Huge kites!  And also some small ones for the kids to make and fly.  What a fun day!

Jack's kite
Ava's kite
Some of the kites and some of our church men in the corner chatting. 

Jello Painting

How fun!  And afterwards you get to "yick yo fingos"!  
Ava's teacher Miss Solt has been teaching at Grace since it opened 43 years ago.  So happy we are able to get her.  Here she is spraying the kids papers before she puts on the jello and spraying the kids too.  She said Ava's flower needed watering.  So fun.  They were having a ball.  

Kindergarteners Ava, Noah, and Makenzie 
My office. So far I have moved the furniture, and it will be fun to see how it develops since I can't help but decorate wherever I am.  I bought a clock so far and am on the lookout for artwork.  
My picture of Matt and Disney World to keep me company during the day.  I miss them both.  Ha.