Friday, September 30, 2016

Cute Kitties

Jack playing his cello in church!

The Dining Room

The dining room has surprised me by becoming one of my favorite rooms so far. My stuff and the new things we've added have come together nicely! I love the chairs, the light fixture that started it all, and the bar we made from a post we found in the chicken coop. It used to be part of the back of the house.  So we cut it down and made a bar.  I love that it was part of the house's past.  

More updates

 I am proud of the Welcome sign. I saw one something like this for $45, but it was much smaller. I knew I wanted a bigger one, so I looked online and found a 6 footer for $150+$30 shipping. And it didn't have the cute MN outline for the "O". So I thought maybe we could make one.  I found this board in the garage from the last house and bought letters at Walmart and painted them. The kids helped too.  And "happened" to find this MN cutout at a store here with a half price coupon! So I paid around $20 for the whole thing and it's huge! Over 6 feet!  It should go outside or on the porch but so far it's hanging ouy inside.  I especially love it since we now live in Welcome, Mn! So welcome to Welcome!  You're welcome! Anytime!
 We couldn't be happier with our new bed!  I've always wanted an upholstered headboard, and it's king sized! We can spread out!

Farm America

I was able to chaperone on a field trip for Jack's class this past week, and what a great time we had.  There were two farm sites to visit - an 1850s site that included a dugout and hovel and cabin and then a 1930s site that was more modern. Very fascinating to see how people survived when first coming to MN.  It was so much fun, and Jack got to milk a goat!