Saturday, February 18, 2017

Caribou Artist

As I was meeting a friend for coffee, Ava kept herself busy drawing pictures of us.  


Ava and I got to cheer on one of our girls at a basketball game recently.  We made signs, and they won! 
I have a study hall of 11th grade girls. Here they are being crazy. They pretty much giggle all of the time. They're cute!

Avas room decorated

We finally have moved upstairs in decorating the farmhouse. Ava's room is the first room we have done so far. And it feels good!

More pics from Jack's party

Hero Day

International Day

Every day the kids play games and try to earn points for their team.  Ava won 500 points for her team on black and white day.  The games made it even more fun!

Pajama Day

Spirit Week - Black and White Day