Monday, June 24, 2013

Bike riding

It was a long ride around the lake!  About 4 miles I think.  Jack rode his bike and hung in there like a trooper.  Ava fell asleep right at the end.  She had the best seat.  

More pictures of everything

More of the house, the trail, the outside yard areas, and flowers from Aunt Nanny. 

The Water Park

We became members of the Fairmont Aquatic Park today!  The kids were so excited and ran right in.  It wasn't the best weather, so Matt and I shivered under the huge umbrellas they had there.  We found out later that the water was nice and warm so the kids were probably more comfortable than we were.  I'm looking forward to a good sunny day so I can go down the water slides.  

Captain Jack

We are so excited to know someone with a boat!  Ha. There are so many beautiful lakes here that it would be a shame not to enjoy them!  Jack was able to go out with the Cushmans on their boat and drive around in circles.  He even jumped off without warning anyone.  It's probably good I wasn't there.  I notice that I (as maybe most women do) think of the extreme worst thing that could happen, and men and boys think, "What can I get by with without getting hurt?"  Well he didn't get hurt.  He has loved every new thing he has been able to do here.  It helps!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Space guy

The kids have had a lot of fun with the boxes from the move.  Matt and Jack received a basketball for the goal that is outside from my dad.  They have had a lot of fun with it already!  Jack said, "Look Mommy, I'm space guy!"


Investigation Destination!  We are having a great time at VBS this week at our new church!  The kids are secret agents and get to take fun, silly pictures.  


We enjoyed Mankato recently.  The kids loved the carousel in the mall, and I got to go to Hobby Lobby, one of my favorites!

Happy Father's Day!

We had a great time celebrating Father's Day and were glad to have our dads here this weekend.  I'm thankful for so many great fathers in my life.  And I'm thankful my kids have a great one!


We went to the Interlaken Days parade this past weekend, and Jack met a veteran named Merlin.  He really wanted to meet him and take a picture with him. We have had a great time already!   


We have moved and are getting settled in pretty well.  We love the new house and neighborhood.  We love the trail right by our house that goes right by a historic farm and Lake Sisseton.  We still haven't explored the town too much, so we are looking forward to that.  We had so many people do so much for us from Berean and also from our new church in Fairmont.  What a blessing!  It was hard to say good-bye to family and friends, but we feel God's peace in going forward.  Here are some good-bye pictures and pictures of the new place.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Minnesota Zoo!

Thanks to uncle Brent and aunt Heidi we were able to enjoy a perfect day at the Minnesota Zoo.  It was sunny while we were outside, rained a little when we were inside and stopped when it was time to walk to the car!  My favorite thing was that the giraffes were back for the first time in a few years.  We love this zoo!