Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We love having our friends over and two of my friends are sisters in law and had babies pretty close together.  It was fun seeing them start to interact and just be happy! The others were all running around playing somewhere else, but it was a fun day!

Nursing home

Now that we are done with school, we can join Matt in the nursing home sometimes.  Of course, the kids are way more interesting to them than we are.  I was thinking I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than here with my family where God wants us doing what He wants us to do together.  

Another summer of waterpark fun

The kids were long gone by the time I thought about taking a picture.  It was a perfect first day for it though!
Here they are with a buddy, Noah.

Farm stuff

Got my bird feeders up finally and am hoping for some gold finches. We've seen them a lot, but not on the bird feeders yet.
Coolest old truck!

The corn is coming up nicely!

A cool wooden trunk we found

Cute kitties!

Seeds we are trying to grow into something, but I'm pretty sure we are probably drowning it.  The kids always water it even with the hose when they are playing in the water.  

Cute kiddies!


One of our favorite ladies to visit! Irene is so upbeat and a little feisty at 93.  I want to be just like her.  I love the sign she has hanging in her room for visitors to wake her up if she's sleeping.  She loves to visit! 

Memorial Day with the Fures

We had a really fun time this past Memorial Day! We were able to visit Matt's family reunion in Kiester, MN and see where  Grandpa grew up and where
 Matt had visited quite a bit in his childhood. 

 The house where Matt used to visit his Grandma every summer.

Matt's uncle's former house
Downtown Kiester

Grandpa's farm

The Lutheran Church where many Fures are buried.

Grandpa on his farm