Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Spring!

Goofy Kids (Jock included)

At co-op the other day, the art teacher was using Borax and trying to explain what it is and said maybe your mom uses this in your laundry to make it soft.  Jack said, "My mom just uses Tide."  I think I should get some free Tide for that right?

Jack said randomly, "Mommy, did you know there are 10000 lakes in this whole land?"  Minnesota history lesson!

Ava at the zoo in a particularly stinky area.  Holding her nose, "Yet's get out of heow!"

And being very thirsty said, "Does the place we ow going have dwinks?"  

Here's some random pictures we've taken recently.  

Ava yoves this skote because she yooks yike Abekah.  (Rebekah has a skirt like this too!)
Seeing the Easter bunny and a free mask
At the Minnesota Zoo

Being mannequins
Jack trying to read with Jock on his lap
Jock begging

Happy 12th anniversary to us!

Well we had a full weekend with Matt's birthday, Dad's birthday, and then our anniversary.  But all good things!  We left the kids and were on our own for a couple of days.  So we went to Macy's flower show and ate Italian and stayed in a hotel.  So nice!  We woke up to snow so that wasn't the best, but still enjoyed being together.  We shopped a little and picked up the kids.  Always fun to have time alone but good to be back together too.  Jack said when he got back in the car, "Well that was fun, but it's good to be back together as a family."  I'm glad they like us!

Happy 70th, Dad!

We celebrated Dad's 70th last week.  He grilled steak and shrimp for us, and we planned a little program for him with games and songs.  It's nice to be together and especially to celebrate a wonderful father.  

And of course, we had to burn something - Brent's and dad's favorite thing.  

Happy 40th!

Matt celebrated his 40th birthday last week at Famous Dave's and Two Scoops.  Yum!  I'm so thankful Matt's parents decided to have him 40 years ago.  He is truly a blessing to all who know him and especially me since I get to know him best.  The kids are especially blessed and happy to have such a great dad.  

Ava's crazy hair

After Ava's princess hair came out, it was pretty crazy.  I'm so glad Matt captured it.  Hahahaha 

Jack and "Superdogs"

Through my mom's class, Jack was able to write a book and get it published.  So cool!  His book is about superhero dogs.  He came up with the story and illustrations all on his own and did a good job.  It must be very exciting to see something you've written in print or published.  I love that he was able to do this.  And I'm so thankful my mom lets us be involved with her class opportunities.  

Missions Conference Pictures

I've been waiting to update the blog because I didn't have the pictures that I wanted, so now that I do, here we go!  I have a few pictures of the missionary families that we hosted at our missions conference this year.  This year seemed special and really spoke to my heart and I know others in our church said the same thing.  Each family was such a blessing, and the messages really made an impact.  The first two families were pastors who had pastored for 15-20 years and now surrendered for mission work.  They were both so excited at their stage in life at what God was still doing in their lives.  
The West family to Argentina 
The Hemsworth family to Missionary Acres, a retirement community for missionaries, located in Michigan.   
The Stilwells.  We had both brothers on different nights.  David with his family and his brother Jonathan wasn't able to bring his.  Both are longtime missionaries to Peru along with their father. 
Ben Straub to Zambia.  His wife was very close to delivering their third boy, so we all anxiously were waiting to hear.  She has now delivered, and he made it through the conference.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ava cuteness

Ava using the thermometer on her owie to make it feel better.  I love that!

Easy Project

I love an easy project and this one was easy!  Of course, Matt did the work involved so no wonder it feels so easy. I wanted a table for the kids to play on.  I had these two little outside end tables that I got for free and thought about the extra doors we had and thought it would be perfect.  And it is.  I love it so much.  Matt sanded down the door, and we used chalkboard paint so now the kids can draw all over it.  It probably won't be this pretty anymore.  But I just love how it turned out.  And the only costwas the can of spray paint and primer.  
Here is a shelf unit the kids helped put together at church.  They like to help, and I hope that desire sticks!