Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jack "obsessed"

Yesterday Jack said, "I did two pages on my paper because I was obsessed!"  I said, "Obsessed?  How do you even know what that is?"   He looked at me incredulously.  "I'm in second grade!"  Well, that explains it.  

Monday, February 23, 2015


With some spots on his face from some sort of reaction and a dangling tooth, Matt kept telling Jack to look away from him.  But now he's healing up and has lost the tooth, so he's able to look Matt in the face!  Ha.  Matt does not do well with dental issues.  Jack's a little disappointed that he's not really talking like Daffy Duck, but it's still pretty cute!

Ava Fun!

Ava has been making us laugh lately.  She is getting to be more chatty especially at the dinner table.  She likes to say, "So guys, what's yo favwit ________ (fill in the blank - food, colow, movie, etc.)  I like to do that with them every now and then, and I guess she has picked it up. Also she distracts us from the fact that she's not really eating her food.  

Yesterday when Jack needed some direction with tying his shoes, she said, "You yust yoop it.  You yoop it two times, then pull it." 

On a particularly cold day when coming out of the store, she said, "OK I hate this weathow!"  She has probably heard that a time or two as well!  

She is at a really fun age and is asking lots of questions like, "Why do I have to watch out fo people?"  And "Why do we have to do ow haiw?"  Pretty much anything we do, she wants to know the reason why.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Big Baby

He loves my heated blanket almost as much as I do.  Thanks, Nanny!  I use it all of the time!

Valentine's Day

I guess I am working my way backwards, but we had a wonderful Valentine's Day this past weekend.  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking the kids!  And everyone else who spoiled them!  Friday night we had a heart shaped pizza and a movie, Saturday we checked out Owatonna, the outlets and Timber Lodge (still so yummy after all these years); and Sunday had church and then left to head up to pick up the kids and celebrate my mom's birthday.  Really perfect!  Here's my treats!

Big News!

Finally a lost front tooth!  I was hanging onto the little kid stage, but the missing tooth is so cute I can't stand it!  It happened while Jack was sleeping.  He woke up, and it was on the bed.  He was pretty excited about that. 

Happy birthday, Mom!

 We were able to celebrate with everyone for my mom's birthday at Osaka where they cook in front of you.  It's one of her favorites.  We had a great time being together and were so happy to celebrate with her on her birthday.  Love you, Mom!

Funny Ava

Ava came out to Matt in her princess dress, lifted it up, and said, "Yook, Daddy!  Jock yikes yicking naked things!"  

Kids 4 Truth Conversations

Suggesting a change of subject when it turned to throwing up, Ava says, "Yet's talk about God."   Her buddy Ryan says, "Yeah, He's nice.  He picks me up when I fall out of my bed."  Ava bursts out laughing and says, "What does yo bed yook yike, Wyan?"  He says, "It's a fire truck and it's this tall, and I can't even reach the top."  Ava just thinks he's hilarious, and I do too; so we have a blast on Wednesdays.  

Our big word last week was "sanctification."   "Can you say that?"  Ryan says slowly, "Santa's...vacation."  I said, "Yep, that's perfect."  It's so fun to see them really grasping these deep concepts when they are broken down for them.  Yes, I did explain that it wasn't about Santa on vacation!  After they learned their lesson, I said, "Good!"  Ryan said, "You know what rhymes with good?  Tood, dood, wood..."  I love this age!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Magic Bands are here!

What an exciting thing to be able to look forward to a trip with such anticipation.  I think we started counting down when it was around 150 days out, and now it is less than 3 weeks away!  We are so excited and grateful for this opportunity to go to Disney World with Matt's parents in a few weeks.  A very generous gift of time and expense.  We probably won't do this trip to this extent again, so it's very special.  Apparently our complete identities and itineraries are attached to these little bands.  I felt like a little kid when they opened them and right away I said, "Ooh, do I get yellow?"  I do!  

Birthday Boy

Another thing I love about this time in our lives is hearing Matt preach every week.  This Sunday he said that as Christians we crave the light of Christ.  And some ways to expose ourselves to that light include involvement in church and it's ministries, Bible reading, and fellowship, and then outreach will naturally reflect that light.  We had lots of good fellowship Saturday as we attended Aaron's first birthday party and met his large extended family which was a huge blessing and then later as we went bowling and had a lasagna dinner with our church group.   I didn't get any pictures of bowling because it always seems that with the lighting in the bowling alley, they don't turn out.  But we had a good group of bowlers and some spectators as well.  So here is the birthday boy and a few other pictures.  

Saturday, February 7, 2015

"P" is for....

Popcorn - it swims in the experiment in the above picture and there were popcorn balls dipped in chocolate,
And Princess!

We got Ava an Aurora dress for when she meets the princesses at the castle on our trip.  A little big, but she loved it.  And I do, too!  I'm as excited as she is about it!  (Maybe a little more!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Metro Women's Center

I am so happy I have been able to volunteer some more at Metro Women's Center lately.  God is really doing a great work there, and it's a blessing to be a part of it.  I had a couple of ladies in our church ask about going there with me, and what a blessing it's been!  We have been able to meet some clients, pray for Colleen while she met with two abortion minded women who then chose life, and practically speaking, we have helped with a mailing and organized many donations in the store.  I enjoyed getting back in the groove, and I always love organizing, and I love spending time with all of the ladies who are such a blessing.  So thanks, Jessie and Maryann!  I look forward to more of this!

Ava's snowman dress

Thank you, Grandma!

Happy birthday to me - again

My friend Libby made me this sign that I put in the wreath.  And I love it hanging on the old door.  She knows what I like!  And she is talented enough to make it.  So thanks, Libby!  It was fun seeing her and Lexi last week at Jack's party.  I also got another one of my gifts that Nancy had ordered for me.  One of our family's favorite movies - Private Eyes.  I can't wait to watch it!  Thanks, Nanny!

Jock at 3 months

I think I can safely say that Jock is doing better!  He is pretty well potty trained and listens to us a little more.  (I think anyway.)  He has been a little sick this week and so has been a lot calmer.  We don't want him to be sick, but are enjoying the calm.  He is having some good moments, so that is nice!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jack at 8

I like to reflect on birthdays of our kids (and myself I guess too) to point out the growth and changes in them.  I know some people really have a hard time with their kids growing up and I do understand that, but I also have enjoyed every new age or phase.  There was a time about 2-3 months ago when I wondered when or if Jack would grow.  But all of a sudden, his appetite has tripled or more, and he can wear pants for his age (size 8).  Some of them anyway.  He also has not lost his two front teeth yet, but they are loose!  

So he had a doctor's appointment and is "perfect", she said.  He weighs 65 lbs and is 51" tall.  

We are starting to have more serious conversations with him about things in life that come up and definitely more spiritual talks as well.  It all goes together.  One thing I love about our time here in Fairmont is how much quality time we have together which can lend itself to those talks.  Even though I still crave more.  

Jack is active, and loves any kind of games.  He loves his friends. He loves our church and the people and activities there.  He loves the Lord and wants to please Him and us.  He loves to excel in school.  He loves Ramen noodles, Chinese food, and pizza.  He loves cookies and crackers.  And blue Powerade.  He loves anything blue.  He says Jock is his best present ever.  He really loves Ava and tries to look out for her.  

Don't misunderstand - I am not under the illusion that he is a perfect 8 year old.  I still worry about lots of things in his development.  Chewing with his mouth closed and having manners!  Watching out for other people instead of charging ahead.  Being easier to be with instead of always having a better idea.  Getting distracted instead of focusing on the task at hand.  And most of all, I worry about him possibly thinking there may be something better out there than a relationship with the Lord.  I think most parents have these fears, but this is where we leave them with God.  After all, Jack belongs to Him, and God loves him more than I do.  I think back to the times God has pursued me because I am His, and I'm so thankful and filled with love for Him.  And to think, He loves my kids that way, too!

Jack's birthday

Jack's birthday this year has been drawn out, so that is nice for him since he was able to do lots of special things.  A little harder for me since I like everything organized and done.  This was the picture we handed out at his Lego party.  He is having a hard time smiling in the picture because of his stitches.  
Cards in the mail!  Always fun!
Kids 4 Truth Lego cupcakes

Swimming with friends at the Holiday Inn

Choosing Chicken Alfredo for special dinner 

My mom let him bring cookies to his old class, so he had fun with his buddies.  And it was Spirit Week at Woodcrest so that's the reason for the crazy hair and face paint.  

Finally!  Party at Chuck E. Cheese's.  Jack wanted a big cookie, and Matt made the centerpiece that says JACK 8 out of Jack's Legos which also used to be Matt's Legos.  The family came along and also Libby and Lexi.  

Love this card from Lexi.  Definitely a keeper!

Blue Powerade - he loves it!

Big gift...the Wiiu!  A bunch of us went in together for it.  Pretty exciting!
Bat mobile.  He really loves gifts that he can build or make so this will be a fun one.  
We spread Legos all over the table and had a contest of who built the best thing. The gold medal winner is on the napkin holder built by Uncle Brent.  The silver medalist is on the left by Auntie Heidi, and the bronze is on the right by Aunt Bek.  Jack was the judge.   
Best buddies
And best buddies
Total birthday weekend since we were able to go to Jack's buddy Sam's party at Zero Gravity, a trampoline and laser tag place.  He especially loves laser tag.  And it was fun to catch up with our friends.  
The Vikings sweatshirt is a birthday present from us along with cowboy boots not pictured.  
The kids playing with Maddie.  It was nice to play with a calmer dog.  Jock hmm.  Overall we think he will be a good fit, but we are in the annoying phase with the chewing.  He was 3 months old on Friday so still a baby. A BIG baby.  Pictures will come!  So it's over - I can breathe!  And there's a house project I've been thinking about...