Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Fall!

Well, the school year is in full swing and other than the first day that I felt like Eeyore, I have loved it! Jack is putting his energy towards learning and other skills, and I (after a couple of adjustment weeks) am starting to get into a routine.

School, work, Metro Women's Center, MOMS Group - all revolving around time with Ava. I love that she can come with me to everything. I had forgotten how easy it is to go with just one. And a compliant one for the most part. She's always ready for the next thing. It's nice!

Jack brought his first set of papers home yesterday and has done well. He has also learned his vowels and their sounds and has a new verse every week. "C" is this week.

The discipline system is based on what color beehive you are on. Their goal is to stay on the green beehive and away from the white one. Eek. And to ensure you stay on the green beehive, you must not lose the 7 marbles you are given at the beginning of the day. So far he has stayed on the green beehive, but has come close to losing them all a couple of times. Apparently due to a lack of focusing on what the teacher is saying. What? Yes, I know. I love that everyone points out how much he is like me when it comes to his negative points.

Last week I was able to tag along as Jack's class went to the fire station. It was great! Coming soon is Emma Crumbee's apple orchard. Can't wait! Ever since he was born, I have looked forward to this time of being involved in his class. I always enjoyed school, so have been excited for him to experience it.

The fall weather has started just in time for the first day of fall this weekend. I hope it's a looonng one! Matt is enjoying Vikings season. Sort of. So far. Here's a picture of them in their Vikings gear. And here's a bonus picture of what love looks like. Spending all afternoon trying to get a stubborn kite to fly so your kids can enjoy it. Well, they enjoyed playing while he fussed with it. We have decided not to spend any more time on kites. But happy fall anyway!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

End of summer... Boohoo

We had one last hurrah at the state fair for me and Jack. I have really missed him while he is at school, so we had a great mama-son date on Labor Day while Ava played with Grandma and Grandaddy Hanks. I enjoy fall, but it's so short I really don't look forward to it. School is going great for Jack. He has entered into it and greeted it with enthusiasm. I am excited too to be able to be involved in his class. I get to be a classroom mom so that helps.

We started our moms group this past week, had a few first timers, and also had a great speaker on organizing. It was a great kickoff to this year. I'm really looking forward to it and each time have received such a blessing from both our Bible study and speaker.

So now we are just waiting for Awana to start at the end of September, and then our fall will be in full swing. Life goes on even when we want to hold onto certain things or seasons. Thank God He goes before us!