Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ava story

Matt and Jack went frisbee golfing while Ava and I stayed home.  She was playing so happily, and I came out of my bedroom and scared her.  She kept saying she didn't know anyone else was home.  I find it very humorous that she wasn't scared about being home alone, just about being startled by me.  And also a little alarming that she thinks we would leave her home alone.  It makes me wonder what else is going on in her head.  Hmmm.  Maybe it's good I don't know.  


Co-op buddies Kinley, Hannah, and Ava.  All age 4.  
B is for balloon!
Jack drew this and they both colored it in.  "We need more pink chalk," they said.  Go Fairmont Cardinals!
Singing the "Wise Man Built".  Ava picks this every service that we do favorites, so Matt started making the kids lead it.  Here they are with their buddy Hannah.  

New sink

New sink that we bought on Craig's list that was brand new, will give us more counter space, and be easier to clean.  And a bonus - we now don't have a leak behind the vanity anymore because we discovered it when the pipe broke off in the wall.  A plumber later and all is well.  So it was a blessing in disguise!  And we got to meet a neighbor down the street who is a plumber.  Although the situation wasn't the best part of our week, good came from it.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My dream home

While visiting a couple in our church, I fell in love with their farm.  Matt asked if this was my dream home, and it's pretty close.  I am a city girl but if I could live on a farm near the city, that would be perfect.  Of course, we don't want to think about the plowing and the mowing, etc. that would have to be done.  But maybe the meantime, I told her we are moving in with them!
The view from the porch
The kids played and played and I didn't worry one time about them.  
They don't have horses now but they used to.  
Long driveway surrounded by corn fields
The back

First reading book finished!

Only about 12 to go - ha!

"I'm going to measow myself."

This past week in review

We have been busy as usual with all kinds of fun events.  Last Friday we joined a homeschool co-op in Fairmont that meets once a week for classes like art, science experiments, Spanish, speech and gym for Jack.  Ava even has a class and learned about the letter A.  The kids loved it, and I did too.  It was so much fun to meet more people, and it also gave us a school flavor.  I helped in Ava's class for the first half and gym class for the second half.  I'm already excited for the next one!

Then Friday night we had a great time at church for our adult game night and had about 20-25 people there.  We played some Heads Up and also did some Minute to Win It games before diving into the board games which lasted until around 10:30.  I guess we had some serious gamers!  I haven't laughed so hard as I did during the Minute to Win It games.  Competitive!  So so fun, and I'm so glad we did it!

Saturday we took a quick day trip home for Auntie Heidi's birthday party.  All of our trips there have been quick ones lately, but this one had good quality family time with Mom's chicken enchiladas and homemade chocolate cake and frosting. The best!  I love going home and am so grateful for my family who make everything special.  

Sunday we had a great day at church and were able to have our senior ladies over for lunch.  I wish I had taken a picture but I was busy with the food and didn't think of it.  They were a blessing and so much fun. 

Monday we tagged along with Matt while he went to a golf tournament, and the kids and I enjoyed a day out playing.  We ran some errands, ate some Chinese food, and even got in some rides and mini golf at the Mall of America.  

Amidst all of this activity, we are plugging along with school and enjoying it still.  Life is moving right along, and I guess we will just go with it!  

Ava's class

Game night


Minute to Win It - ping pong ball rolling down a tape measure into a glass.  Hard especially if your tape measure is warped!
Taking out kleenexes with one hand - this gave me a big laugh!

Transferring Tic Tacs from one bowl to another with tweezers 
The winners!
Heads Up
Happy birthday, Auntie Heidi!  She brought mustaches, so we all had to try them out.  Yes, we are way behind on the mustache craze.  

Ava wouldn't do it at first because she's a "gull" but she joined in before too long.  

Two peas in a pod
The end of a long day
Mini golf sort of

Riding a ride with Ava that almost gave me whiplash or at least cracked my back pretty good!  PS I don't think we are good at taking selfies.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

School update

I love the online program for A Beka Academy. I still miss actual school, but this is a good alternative, and the quality of education is great!  And as the kids get older, I just want their education to get better and better as opposed to my trying to figure it out each year.  And it allows me time to get other things done.  Jack's teacher's name is Mrs. Chappell, and we all love her.  If we are on a break, Ava says, "Can we tuwn on Mrs. Chappell?"  I said, "Do you like Mrs. Chappell?"  She said, "I yuv huw." And even I am fascinated by how she doesn't seem to take a breath but keeps it all moving.   Even if (when) we (hypothetically speaking) may be a little cranky in the morning, by the end of the first class, we are all back in good humor.  Today when I asked him his favorite subject - it changes - he said Bible because there are all kinds of stories.  I ask them one thing they are thankful for and one prayer request in the morning, and Ava's request every day has been that "God would keep me safe and fwom getting huwt."  I didn't realize she worried about this so much.  After a particularly traumatic day with the brush, she prayed that "mommy wouldn't huwt me with the bwush."  So we bought a new brush that is softer on her head, and she is happy now.  Sigh. Mommy guilt!  Jack is usually cranky about starting and has to be pressed to come up with something, so I am thinking about saving this exercise until lunch when they're excited and happy.  It might help to start Mrs. Chappell as soon as possible!

I wouldn't say we are exactly artistic as a family, but I'm glad they both enjoy projects.  Here are a few things they have done.  
Ava's area is mostly toy-related.  She also loves her "popo" post it's as you can tell. 
Here is Mrs. Chappell. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kids Stuff

Mommy, take a pitow.  

At Mrs. Sharron's house - so fun catching up with dear friends...and she has great toys!
Baby Mary with a big smile

And finally a date night!  We should do this more.  It's fun and good for us.