Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ava Jane Fure, Age 7

Wow! Today is a big day in our house because at 8:19 am, we celebrate a great event that happened 7 years ago. What a beautiful delightful addition Ava has been to our family.  She reminds us a lot of Matt, but some things are coming out that remind me of me too (mostly the girly things).  I interviewed her last night about her favorite things and perspective of turning 7. She is a little shy and goofy. Hope the video works! 
We will be celebrating today at the water park with her friend Hannah and later in the week, the family is coming.  And since her friend Cate and her family will be in town again, we decided to do a joint party this year. Cate's birthday is on the 23rd, and she will be 6! Looking forward to celebrating with these two and spending time with friends and family! After this week, just a few short weeks left to squeeze as much fun as we can in before....(school). Ach! Say it isn't so! Not to worry, there's still lots of fun things left to experience this summer.  And school isn't so bad once it starts.  We are looking forward to being closer to home this year.  Anyway, I will save that for a fall post.  Still too summery to think about that!

Waterpark with Noah

Oliver! And Noah!

Us with a baby! Ach! Yay that it's our nephew! Not sure we have the fortitude for another one, so it's nice to enjoy time with Oliver!
Noah got to spend the weekend with us, and we all want to adopt him. He got the kids outside more and cheerfully helped us with whatever we had to do.  He fit right into our family!

For some reason, I always write Oliver's name with an exclamation point! It's so exciting when we get to see him. Unfortunately, the reason we got to see him was a family funeral for my beloved Aunt Carol, my mom's sister. What a loss.  She and Larry are favorites of ours with all of the Florida trips we have been on.  Love them so much, but we are not "sorrowing as those who have no hope." Looking forward to seeing her again! We have also lost two precious 93 year old ladies in just two weeks in our church.  Irene from a previous post and another church lady, Donna.  Both faithful Christians who will be missed greatly personally and by our church.  Thank God for Heaven!

Camp week for Jack

Jack was off having a blast at camp, so Ava and I did a few things together.  She was actually almost as busy as he was with a sleepover and playdates. Here we are with Matt too walking the driveway. The corn is like 8 feet tall! Still love that view coming home!

I miss goldfinches.  My favorite bird with the bright yellow feathers. Someone said maybe our cats scare off the pretty birds from coming to our bird feeders.  I guess they could be viewed as a trap.  Ha oops. 

Camp fun! Dropping Jack off is never fun. It was definitely a quieter week which sometimes sounds nice until it happens. Quietness is overrated! So we are all happily back together again.  

A Great Day!

What can be better than watching a thunderstorm from a porch like this? It was amazing with all kinds of noises and lightning! We are at the Hoffman's farm, and I think I could sit on the porch forever.  I have porch envy at their house! They had a lot of family visiting, and the kids were catching lightning bugs.

Jack had a summer cello lesson and then a playdate with his new friend, Zach, who is Paige's (one of my junior girls) brother. This is after they played so hard at the park. Oh and Paige and Lillie and Hope (Paige's sister) came along.  They all played and we moms talked.  Fun for all!

Boat Fever!

Living near all of these lakes can give you boat fever! What a different view out on the water! Our friends, the Cushmans, got a new boat and what a blast! Jack had fun tubing, and Ava is hoping she is brave enough to do it soon!