Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ava Jane Fure, Age 7

Wow! Today is a big day in our house because at 8:19 am, we celebrate a great event that happened 7 years ago. What a beautiful delightful addition Ava has been to our family.  She reminds us a lot of Matt, but some things are coming out that remind me of me too (mostly the girly things).  I interviewed her last night about her favorite things and perspective of turning 7. She is a little shy and goofy. Hope the video works! 
We will be celebrating today at the water park with her friend Hannah and later in the week, the family is coming.  And since her friend Cate and her family will be in town again, we decided to do a joint party this year. Cate's birthday is on the 23rd, and she will be 6! Looking forward to celebrating with these two and spending time with friends and family! After this week, just a few short weeks left to squeeze as much fun as we can in before....(school). Ach! Say it isn't so! Not to worry, there's still lots of fun things left to experience this summer.  And school isn't so bad once it starts.  We are looking forward to being closer to home this year.  Anyway, I will save that for a fall post.  Still too summery to think about that!

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