Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kids Stuff

Mommy, take a pitow.  

At Mrs. Sharron's house - so fun catching up with dear friends...and she has great toys!
Baby Mary with a big smile

And finally a date night!  We should do this more.  It's fun and good for us.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ava at 4 (again)

Ava had her 4 year old check up last week, and she weighs 34 pounds and is 39" tall.  Jack asked her if she was ready to see the doctor, and she said, "OK I'll twy it."  She thought it was all fun and games until the shots.  I always feel like a traitor.  But she did well overall.  And now she's caught up until age 11!  Whew!  A milestone for us.  

She also got promoted this past Sunday and is now in the pre-primary Sunday school class! 
Here she is with some friends.  Growing up.  

Kite fly

We didn't realize what a kite fly was.  We thought we would go and the kids would make a little kite and get to fly it.  We were just excited that they would get to fly a kite since we've never been good at kites.  Well were we in for a surprise.  And did you know there are not only professional kite flyers but also professional stunt flyers?  It was so beautiful and such a fun thing to do.  And free!

Walk for Life

A beautiful day and a beautiful reason to walk

City-wide garage sale

A couple of fun finds 

Last hurrah for the MN State Fair

Labor Day was beautiful and we went to the fair without the kids.  I think we needed that.  Bek joined us, and we made it a long day!  Perfect!

A Texas exhibit - I'm still not quite sure of the reasoning for this place but we did it anyway.  

Works of Art

This is Mount Rushmore.  I'm so proud Jack inherited my artistic abilities!  Ha!