Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ava cuteness

Ava using the thermometer on her owie to make it feel better.  I love that!

Easy Project

I love an easy project and this one was easy!  Of course, Matt did the work involved so no wonder it feels so easy. I wanted a table for the kids to play on.  I had these two little outside end tables that I got for free and thought about the extra doors we had and thought it would be perfect.  And it is.  I love it so much.  Matt sanded down the door, and we used chalkboard paint so now the kids can draw all over it.  It probably won't be this pretty anymore.  But I just love how it turned out.  And the only costwas the can of spray paint and primer.  
Here is a shelf unit the kids helped put together at church.  They like to help, and I hope that desire sticks!


The kids with some church friends.  Timothy is being a horse.  You've got to love it when people take time to invest in your kids and just play with them.  And their buddy Aunya is behind Jack.  


We've enjoyed getting to know some different families through our co-op and even got invited to one of Jack's friends birthday party.  It's so nice to meet other Christians and to be able to talk about the Lord and also about their lives and ministry.  We immediately had that connection, and what a blessing.  And personally, it makes me feel happy just to be included in such a nice family's get together.  So this was Eli's 8th birthday party, and the kids are here with Eli and his sister Kayden.  

Back to the old grind

Although this phrase has a negative connotation, I enjoy routine.  I like things organized. I also enjoy spontaneous plans, but it's nice after a break to have a routine.  School has started again, and we are happy to be back in the routine.  Jack finished up another reading book today, so that was exciting.  

Missions Conference

We have had a great missions conference already this year!  The missionaries have been a huge blessing in their messages and testimonies.  We always enjoy spending time with people, and it's fun especially to meet people who have been serving God for many years.  It's been a great time to come back to.  

Enjoying home

The kids were excited to see Jock especially, and I think he's gained 10 pounds.  He looks huge.  He pretty much unlearned everything we had taught him and had a few accidents, but it seems to be coming back to him now.  Matt was ready to sell him a few times in the last few days!  Here's his new toy.  
Aaron driving the car.  He did not want to get out!