Thursday, February 8, 2018

And coming soon....VACATION!!

We are all pretty excited about our Disney cruise coming up TOMORROW! Thanks to Matt's parents for this wonderful gift. We are so overwhelmed at their generosity especially in light of the passing of Matt's uncle last week. We will miss them this trip. Just hoping we can get out of town and away from all of these winter weather advisories we keep getting.  This winter has been cold and snowy and doesn't seem to let up, so we are facing another one today while we drive to the cities. And then an early morning tomorrow, but that's ok because that means we will get there that much sooner! More pictures to come! "See ya real soon," as Mickey would say!

Funny and Creative Kids

Christmas and other holiday doings

We had a whirlwind of fun around Christmas and New Year's and then birthdays. So much that when I think of blogging it all, it felt like a lot of work, but here goes!!

We had two more Christmases at our families, and then went right into birthdays. Nancy, me, and Jack. Mostly we had dinners out, but for Jack this year, we went to the Great Wolf Lodge which has a huge indoor water park. Our kids really love the water, so it made sense. And with the cold, cold winter we are having, it felt like a getaway. That place was amazing! Loved it so much. The attention to detail is what I always notice, and even the soap was cute. It was a little wolf paw print.  And the trash cans looked like trees! It was really fun, and the kids loved it! So here goes catching you up on the last month or so!