Saturday, September 17, 2016

New Farmhouse Sign


Our little friend Aaron who used to come 3 times a week to our house is getting big!  Here he is trying on Jack's mask and trying to be like Jack.  Aaron is very special to us, and he fit right in our family when we were babysitting him.  I'm glad we can still have them over and that his mom gets to be with him full time now.  And now he will be a big brother in a few weeks!  A new baby boy is coming to their family.  So that will be fun too.  

Happy birthday, Janell!

Our dear, wonderful family friends, the Cushmans, came over last night with a belated happy birthday to Janell.  They have taken us in and loved us from the beginning of our time here in Fairmont. Love love them!


We celebrated with our classic special meal of pizza this past Monday because we have signed a contract with a family to lease to own our house! Praise the Lord!

View from the Garage

Last night was a full moon, and it just looked really cool behind the barn. I think the barn is my favorite building. I love opening the garage door and seeing that and the sunrise behind it in the morning.  Just beautiful. 
More cute cats

Ava and Molly

Ava has a new friend in her class named Nyamol, and we call her Molly.  They were both shy of each other at first and now they play together!
One thing I love about working at the kids' school is eating lunch with them most every day.  I sit with each one's class for a few minutes.  It is such a nice break in the day to hear happy kids talk and so far, they still like my sitting with them!

Local Fire

There was a planned fire the other day in town which was quite a sight! It was very fascinating, and of course, Jack had lots of questions and wanted to talk to the firemen. And one of them was nice enough to stop and chat with us.