Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jack "obsessed"

Yesterday Jack said, "I did two pages on my paper because I was obsessed!"  I said, "Obsessed?  How do you even know what that is?"   He looked at me incredulously.  "I'm in second grade!"  Well, that explains it.  

Monday, February 23, 2015


With some spots on his face from some sort of reaction and a dangling tooth, Matt kept telling Jack to look away from him.  But now he's healing up and has lost the tooth, so he's able to look Matt in the face!  Ha.  Matt does not do well with dental issues.  Jack's a little disappointed that he's not really talking like Daffy Duck, but it's still pretty cute!

Ava Fun!

Ava has been making us laugh lately.  She is getting to be more chatty especially at the dinner table.  She likes to say, "So guys, what's yo favwit ________ (fill in the blank - food, colow, movie, etc.)  I like to do that with them every now and then, and I guess she has picked it up. Also she distracts us from the fact that she's not really eating her food.  

Yesterday when Jack needed some direction with tying his shoes, she said, "You yust yoop it.  You yoop it two times, then pull it." 

On a particularly cold day when coming out of the store, she said, "OK I hate this weathow!"  She has probably heard that a time or two as well!  

She is at a really fun age and is asking lots of questions like, "Why do I have to watch out fo people?"  And "Why do we have to do ow haiw?"  Pretty much anything we do, she wants to know the reason why.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Big Baby

He loves my heated blanket almost as much as I do.  Thanks, Nanny!  I use it all of the time!

Valentine's Day

I guess I am working my way backwards, but we had a wonderful Valentine's Day this past weekend.  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking the kids!  And everyone else who spoiled them!  Friday night we had a heart shaped pizza and a movie, Saturday we checked out Owatonna, the outlets and Timber Lodge (still so yummy after all these years); and Sunday had church and then left to head up to pick up the kids and celebrate my mom's birthday.  Really perfect!  Here's my treats!

Big News!

Finally a lost front tooth!  I was hanging onto the little kid stage, but the missing tooth is so cute I can't stand it!  It happened while Jack was sleeping.  He woke up, and it was on the bed.  He was pretty excited about that. 

Happy birthday, Mom!

 We were able to celebrate with everyone for my mom's birthday at Osaka where they cook in front of you.  It's one of her favorites.  We had a great time being together and were so happy to celebrate with her on her birthday.  Love you, Mom!