Friday, July 8, 2016

Kitchen update

We got some new stools from Craig's List and had some leftover Beadboard and trim and finally worked on distressing our table and voilà - I love it!  These little things - Matt wouldn't agree that it was a little thing: I guess it was frustrating - can just make a huge difference.  Someday we will maybe sell this house and these things will hopefully set it apart and draw people in.  

Jack's room in progress

So we sold our bunkbeds and got Jack a twin bed and that did it.  I am now redoing his room.  So far we have just arranged it a little differently and also got new curtains which we hung on his oars.  Next will be new paint and some wood boards on the wall along with some new art.  We are slowly moving Ava back to her own room... maybe.  She has had a couple nightmares and is afraid to be by herself.  So she is sleeping on a mattress on the floor for now. 

The kids love animals and my mom has bought them a membership to Zoobooks for a few years now.  And they have learned all kinds of things!  And then they follow us around telling us about it all!😃

Living room rearranging

New Bookcase
 Magnolia shelf

Kids fun

What a great summer!  We are thoroughly enjoying it! VBS - best year we've had!  Our friend Ryan's birthday party, Jack and I took a quick trip to the cities and picked up some fun Craig's list items, and now we head into camp and tennis for Jack next week while also working on some house projects.  Pictures will come!  Mostly just fun with family and friends.  It's been relaxing and we have really needed that.

Happy 4th!

We had a great holiday with friends at their farm.  There's not a bad view!  It's so beautiful and I love going out there.  We roasted hot dogs and had a ton of other food and did smores and rode fun farm wagons and tractors.  Jack even got to drive one! And there were lightning bugs!  Then later we saw some great fireworks at the lake.  The best part was spending time with friends and taking time to appreciate our freedom to do so.  God has blessed us allowing us to live in America.  We pray for her future.