Monday, November 30, 2009

I LOVE Jesus!

Matt said, "Jack, the next section we will be reading in our devotions is about Jesus being born." Jack said, "Oh, I LOVE Jesus!" It warms our hearts. And he is so into birthdays for everyone that it is exciting that Jesus is having one.

Big Bro!

Yes, Jack is going to be a big brother sometime next July. We are excited about it, and he is positive it is a baby girl. I just thought it was funny that he had an opinion about it, but he is adamant that it is not a boy; it's a girl.

Now we're just looking forward to Christmas! I'm feeling pretty good so far, so here's hoping that continues. I am enjoying the fact that I get to stay home this time in my pregnancy and that Matt is home on the weekdays now. Even though the weekends are tough with his schedule, he is staying strong; and hopefully in January, one of the weekend shifts will change to a weekday.

So time is moving on and hopefully will go quickly this pregnancy! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking so forward to next week! Thanksgiving is my favorite family time of the year. Lots of traditions and good food! Can't wait. Jack has figured out Christmas. Whenever he sees decorations, he says, "Look! Christmas!" He loves snowmen and Jingle Bells. It's so fun. There should always be kids in our Christmases. He is practicing his songs for the program this year and knows them so well that he mostly sings them in a silly voice now. I hope it goes okay! It amazes me how much they can take in at this age. He has 5-6 songs some of which have several verses. It's scary knowing that he can remember so much! It makes me wonder how many things I'm doing wrong that he is filing away in his memory. And Christmas music is on the radio - it's finally becoming a reality that the season is here. So anyway, hope to post more at some other point soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Mommy as Mommy, Jack as Woody, and Bailey as Peter Pan

Lexi as Alice, Levi as Woody, and Jack as Woody

Cookies at Kowalski's - He racked up there!


Jack was Woody for Halloween (pictures to follow), so we bought him a little holster with a gun and a badge from the dollar store. He saw it and said, "I got a pute!" very excitedly. I thought what in the world does that mean? I think that a lot. Anyway, I said, "What?" He said, "You know, PEW PEW!" (gun sound) It's so funny the things they come up with on their own.

Last night eating corn on the cob at my parents, he had corn stuck in his teeth and said, "Can you cut off my teeth?" And he wanted "hangers" in order to hold onto the corn. And then he said, "Is this a bat?" He asks that about anything semi-resembling a bat since he loves them including my fake squash in my fall decorations. I have two, so he said, "Two bats!" He once took a breadstick and a tater tot and played baseball and/or golf at the restaurant.

Bailey had an accident: "Uh oh, he spilled."

Obviously I don't put the not so cute or funny quotes on here. He has a lot of those, too! He does think he has the best ideas of anybody anywhere at anytime and doesn't understand (appreciate) a different opinion most of the time. So that's the hard part of training, I guess. But it can be very rewarding if you just stay with it, right?