Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our newest member of the family...

Bailey and me
He is 5 months old, and I just fell in love with him. So Merry Christmas to me! Jack is doing well already thanks to Brent and Heidi's little Maddie.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Just got back from a ladies retreat which was nice, but nicer to be back! I like my life and my home and my boys! I'd rather be with them than doing anything else. So now this week we have an apple orchard activity with church and just day to day busyness. The holidays are coming! Christmas shopping has semi-started. Matt is working almost every night overnight and so is sleeping through the days. We are concerned about his job situation, but so far he does still have one, so that's a blessing!

Jack is getting close to being 3, so we are past a lot of the 2 year old stuff....we hope anyway! Very fun! I wish I could remember everything he says. One tip: When you pick your child up from the nursery and he says, "I obey", it makes you wonder what went down during the last hour! He is now able to go to Awana's pre-cubbies which is called Puggles. And now also is in junior church practicing for a Christmas program. He's a little young, but most of the kids in our church are around his age, so nice they can do this all together.

So I'm headed back to Weight Watchers! I have missed going the last few weeks, but it just hasn't been feasible with the schedules. I had a big break from the wedding until now, so now back to the old grind!

I am glad to see some colors working their way through the greenness. With the cold snap, I wasn't sure we would get any. But there are some popping out here and there. So that's encouraging. I was hoping for more 60s than we've had, but that isn't looking like it will happen now. Oh well, bring on the holidays and winter, too, I guess!

I feel like this is a boring post, but I haven't posted in so long that I thought I should. Every time I think about quitting the blog, I find a random person who says they check it all of the time. So here's for all of you! HA