Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Working Away

We have been busy, busy, busy!! We have been getting the ministry house at the church ready for our move in, which will be March 14th. We have been removing wallpaper, repairing holes, spackling, sanding, painting, etc... We are getting closer, though. Jack loves the new place and he loves helping out. When I am sanding or spackling a wall, he will come over and grab something and rub it on the wall to help me out. He also loves to sweep. We have this little broom and loves to grab it and drag it along the ground. One of the pictures I am including below has him with his broom.
Here are some before pictures of the main room. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. We will include some after pictures when we are done.
Here's Jack helping out.
I have to explain this next picture. We do not make it a habit to shove a blanket in Jack's mouth when he is being too loud. He does it himself. You see, Jack used to be a thumb sucker, but a while back his thumb got really blistered, cracked and sore because of all the sucking. Therefore, he couldn't suck it. This really bothered him and he had a lot of trouble going to sleep for a couple of days. We tried to give him a pacifier, but he never wanted one. It would just make him angrier. But then he figured out that he could suck his blanket. So now when he gets tired, instead of sucking on his thumb which has healed now, he just shoves a bunch of his blanket into his mouth. We thought this picture was pretty funny!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Move

Well, looks like we'll be moving in about a month - yay! And we will be putting our house back on the market, so it would be WONDERFUL if it would sell. But God knows, so we will see what He has for us.

Jack's really taken off - literally! Practically running, so it is fun. He finally noticed Legoland in one of our walks around the MOA, so we stopped and let him run around for a while with all of the big kids! He loved it and of course was trying to do everything they were doing that they weren't supposed to be doing (i.e. climbing on the Lego walls and animals, etc).

Promise we will keep the blog up much better once we move since we will have internet again.