Saturday, February 20, 2016


We have been busy as usual!  Valentine's day  weekend, school of course, and we got to babysit Aaron again.  So fun!  For Valentine's, Matt got me the flowers in my wedding bouquet (yellow roses and white daisies) along with chocolate covered strawberries and a steak dinner at home while we sent the kids away (one of our favorite ways to celebrate)!  We do love them!
 Ava checking Aaron's health with her petvet kit.

 My flowers on my new bar table with new placemats from my friend Jenn.
 Jack has been busy digging tunnels.  With 50 degrees yesterday, they are now gone.  So I'm glad I got a picture of it.

 Gifts the kids have received.  This is Christmas from some friends we haven't seen in a while, Sam and Nora.  They love this football game and play it with Matt whenever they can!
 Jack's birthday gift from Lexi.
 Ava came with me to a Ladies Night Out and got her own Diet Dr. Pepper!  Special!  She was pretty happy about that.
 Here is Jack snowblowing at my parents.
This is my little friend Sophia.  She has been coming to Sunday School with her family and so I decided to have a class for her to go to.  Look how fun she is!  I really enjoy her.
Personalized cards the kids got from my parents for good grades.  Jack has all As and Ava is satisfactory.  So fun to see them learn and the progress being made.  
So life goes on even in February.   We joke about it being the longest month of the year, but in just 24 days, we will head to sunny Florida!  Aah sigh!  Life is good, and God is good...even in Minnesota in February! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Doctor

The kids had a doctor's appointment this past weekend, and Jack is 76 pounds and 53 1/2".  The doctor recommended skim milk and to cut out juice since he is in the 86th percentile for weight.  I'm not too concerned since he is hopefully heading into a growth spurt.  Ava is 41" but didn't get weighed this time.  She just had to get her ears checked out.  She takes after Matt in a lot of ways, and he had ear trouble growing up.  She is fine though and just had some buildup to get out.  But overall, we had a good report, and we are thankful for our health!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We had a great time celebrating Mom's birthday this past weekend.  A little early since her birthday isn't until the 16th. But as always, it was fun to get together and celebrate her with pizza and cupcakes!  Love you, Mom!