Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A few more pictures

I know that Shannon already posted some pictures from the beginning of school activities, but I had some more on the camera that I thought I would put up here on the blog.

On our way to school!

He's ready!

Here's his whole class.  They are ready for a great year!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School started today!

Last night was orientation, and today was the first day of school for Jack. He had a great day! My day felt a little gray until 3pm, and then I felt the sun come out-ha. Of course, he was clueless to my sad feelings of the day. It's interesting because it's the first time someone else has such a huge impact on your child. It's a good feeling when it's someone you trust. It made me so grateful to those who are willing to pour their time and talents into my children. It was fun to see mom and Bek today, too. I refrained from bribing them to spy on Jack. I kept wondering what he was doing! Even though I will miss him, I am also so excited for him. He is READY! It is the first step towards independence and making a contribution to society hopefully in many ways. So here we go!

The fair is here!

Yes, we hit most of our favorite spots but there was so much we didn't do that Matt and I are going by ourselves this weekend. Here's a couple of pictures of the kids, but I guess I didn't take too many this time. Jack got to build a tool box at the Home Depot place, and here they are at the pigs. We had a great time together!

Friday, August 24, 2012


We were recently reminded that it has been a while since our last update.  Well, we have a good reason as we have been very busy.  We just got done with Vacation Bible School at our church.  It was a fun and rewarding time, but it was very hectic around here getting ready for it.  Jack had a great time and did a great job saying his verses and bringing friends.  As a result he ended up in 2nd place for points.  Ava had a fun time in the nursery and coming up intermittently to get a cookie!

I hope to get some pictures from the last night from some of the people who attended the VBS.  Shannon and I were extremely busy on that last night and didn't have time to take any pictures.  But here are some pictures from the first few nights.
Our theme for VBS was Bug Zone.  Jack chose a mean face for his bug pics

Ava chose a not-so-mean face

A number of ladies from our church volunteered to make cookies and snacks for the kids and some showed their creative side by making special "bug" cookies.

We started out a little slow on the first night with 12 kids.  I challenged them to double their numbers and then I would take a pie to the face.  They made it to 23 the next night (I barely escaped).  They weren't going to let that happen again so they came out in force on the third night with 44 kids when I challenged them to get to 35.  Without looking at the books I told them that the one who brought the most visitors would be able to put a pie in my face.  Of course there was a tie, so I had to take 2 pies!  Daniel and Jack tied with having 5 total visitors.

Jack was a little sheepish at first, but with the cheers from the crowd he fought through it and got me pretty good.

Monday, August 13, 2012


6 days until Vacation Bible School

10 days until the MN State Fair

15 days until school starts

We have a lot coming up in the very near future, and I'm excited about it all! And then fall will be in full swing, and Awana and our MOMS group will be starting. Sad to see the summer go. It's never long enough. But it's exciting to see life move on. God has been so good to us giving us our family and these special times together.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ava's 2 year apppointment

Ava was 33 inches and 25 pounds at her 2 year appointment. Tall and skinny according to the doctor. And only one shot! And even better, no more shots until school!!! Woohoo! That's pretty exciting since I think I dread them more than the kids do. Here is a picture of her first pedicure. I can't believe she sat still long enough.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ava has started to enjoy singing.  She won't do it by request, but she likes to sit down, open a book and start singing.  I heard her singing the other day so I secretly put my phone in the doorway and caught a few bars before she noticed that she had an audience.