Monday, December 31, 2012

The purpose of this blog is really to document our memories for our kids to able to look back on someday since I don't scrapbook. But every now and then I like to add in my housey projects.

After Christmas, I like to organize our gifts and go through everyone's stuff and weed out the old to make room for the new. I organized all of the closets this week, and ended up fixing up the hall closet, took the doors off, painted, used contact paper on the back wall, wrapped my photo boxes in brown paper and added accessories. I love it. It makes the walk down the hall a lot more interesting!

I also bought some lettering for Jack's wall with one of my gift cards. I have wanted this quote for a while. So cute! And Jack got a comfy chair for his room from Craig's list. I have more ideas so stay tuned!

I also added a picture of my early birthday present. A new coffee table that I love love love! Also got a great deal!

Friday, December 28, 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas with family! December is always so busy with obligations that my favorite part is when all that stops and then I can focus on the birth of Christ, the real reason for Christmas. Anyway we made it through and all got spoiled. Hopefully we were able to spoil others a little too. Jack got a lot of superhero stuff. Now he has no excuse not to be one! Ava got lots of books, some pink Legos, other girly things, and they both got clothes. I always feel like that's a present for me too. Everyone was so kind and generous to us.

We have had sickness this past week. Yes on Christmas week! And two years in a row! My poor family. I'm the only one that hasn't been down with it. Yet. I really hope they don't have it the entire vacation. I love having Jack home for two weeks! It's been fun just being together in spite of the sickness.

I have been keeping busy with a couple of organizing/decorating projects so that always excites and motivates me. I will take pictures when I'm finished.

Ava frequently says now, "wanna watch a show". She also asks us if we are ok. Today when I was leaving to go to the store, she said, "Mommy, wanna hug." Awww. Both of them had trouble going to sleep tonight so I got some snuggling in.

Here's our favorite picture this Christmas. I wish we could have gotten it a little earlier but it's hard to predict when they will take such a good one!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Church Program

Here are a couple short videos of Jack's parts in the Christmas program.  The one video starts a little late, but Jack is quoting John 3:16

Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!!

We have had a great year! Here are our top events of 2012.

Our vacation to Florida in March is always a highlight.
Ava turned 2 in July and is talking a lot!
Jack turned 6 and started kindergarten in August.
Matt was ordained in October.
Shannon is staying busy working 2 days a week, volunteering at Metro Women's Center and is also the class mom for Jack's class (her favorite job). And Ava tags along.

We are looking forward to next year: hopefully being debt free and celebrating 10 years of marriage!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ava has started saying "I go potty." Then she goes into the bathroom, shuts the door (I peeked last time) and sits on the potty with the lid down, then gets up and flushes. I asked her if she wanted to actually go in the potty and she said no. But I thought it was funny that she's practicing.

She loves the snow which she calls "nose."

Jack's part for the program is sounding like "Thanks be unto God for his DESPECABLE (yelled) gift!"

I love the way kids say things, and I will miss that when they get past it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It has been a while since I have done a picture post, so here are some random pictures from the last few weeks.
The kids are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with family and friends!

Jack is enjoying a cookie after going through the Macy's 8th floor display

Ava looks great with her new haircut and new pajamas!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jack is reading! He was doing his blends while I was semi-listening the other day when all of a sudden I hear him reading words! What a thrill! Ok it's our first time experiencing this so indulge me for a minute. So of course I took a video that I never know how to upload onto here. My favorite part was when he came to the 4 letter words and said "Oh this is going to be hard". But he sounded out c-a-mp and then shrugged and said "See? I can read!" He said it so matter of factly that we laughed a little. Anyway, it was an exciting day!