Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And last but not least....

A puppy!  The kids have been asking for a puppy for a while now, so we surprised them by printing a picture of the one we had picked out 6 weeks earlier.  They thought at first we just gave them a picture of a cute puppy so we had to tell them he was theirs.  Then there was lots of excitement on Jack's part and Ava didn't really understand for a while since he wasn't actually there.  So we picked him up Saturday and brought him home and he has done surprisingly well adapting.  He's a little nippy sometimes, but we are working on that and of course the potty training.  So anyway, meet Jock, a name the kids arrived at by combining ones that were on our approved list (dramatic story).  He is half Labrador, half golden retriever.  It is stressful having a puppy and potty training.  However, ADORABLE!  So fun.  The kids have experienced every emotion too - surprise, joy, happiness, excitement, fear of puppy teeth, discouraged, encouraged, happiness again, and finally (I hope), we are settling down.  And I can't stop taking pictures.  One day he will be all trained and calm and I will miss this cuteness.  My favorite comment from Ava was, "Mommy, he keep chewing me."  And that's getting better too. Little by little!

Gifts being used

Jack received a few gifts that were projects this year.  Here he is mining crystals.  What a cool gift!  He found quite a few!  And Legos Legos Legos!  And more Legos!  He got lots of them.  Always loves them!

Christmas at the Fures

Christmas on the Hanks side

Merry home

We had a great Christmas weekend with our family! Here are a few pictures although some are a little blurry.  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Some pre-Christmas gifts

The kids got some nice gifts from some friends of ours a little early!  Also a couple were not pictured.  Then last night we did our stockings.  And Matt and I both got Kindles. My first non phone device, and it's already been fun!  So here we go!  The fun is starting!