Monday, June 30, 2014

Saint James

This past Saturday we went to Saint James Railroad Days.  They had some special happenings and also a parade that our friends Julia and Alex were in.  They are in the marching band at Fairmont High School, and they did a great job!  But we went a little early and checked out the town since we hadn't been there before and although we missed the flea market and the shops weren't open and looked all over for root beer floats that were advertised and still didn't find them (whew), it was still a fun time.  The parade was good, and we got lots of candy.  Mmm tootsie rolls!  The train museum and Saint James museum were both open.  Jack said, "Museum? Those are my favorite buildings!"  I think he's only been to the Fairmont Pioneer Museum once with his buddy Noah, but they had a great time so he was excited to check these out.  And then there were bouncy houses and an old fire truck that we were able to ride around town.  AND we had strawberries and cream and mini donuts. So there you go!  We will have to go back sometime and try out Schmidt's Bakery and see what the Country Collage has to offer.  Here are pictures.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Backyard Happenings

Here's a gold finch eating my flowers or whatever they do and some more of the backyard flowers.  

Diving board

Here are Jack and Ava jumping off the diving board in swimming lessons with life jackets of course.  Well, Jack jumped, and Ava was basically placed in the water by the lifeguard.  But she did it and wasn't too scared!


VBS is over and yes, we are tired!  But we had such a great group of kids who were just happy to be there and who made it really fun.  We kept them moving with puppets, the penny offering (the girls won!), songs and a lesson, games, crafts and activity sheet time.  Then last night they did more carnival like games and we had a balloon and tract release.  I had one little girl in my class ask questions about God, and so that is exciting to be able to help kids understand and know Him.  So we will be talking to her more.  We ended up with 44 on the last night, and it was just a great week!   Now for a night off!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swimming lessons and VBS

Swimming lessons and VBS are happening the same week.  The kids love going to the water park but are always sad to leave.  VBS is going great, and Ava is excited to cut with "scissows".  She's really feeling like a big girl.  Age 4 is coming in July!
Ava said, "This is what I do when I put my head undow watow." (under water) 

Monday, June 23, 2014

VBS is here!

This week is vbs and so far, it's going great!  I think sometimes you dread the stress and work that it takes, but when you see it all come together, it's so worth it.  And the kids love it.  I am teaching kindergarten through 1st grade and really loved last night.  One little girl said, "This is gonna be so fun!  I love church!"  Their joy and excitement is infectious!  And she's right.  It IS fun and I love church too!  So we are looking forward to the rest of the week!  Really!  Pictures will be coming of all of the fun.  

Rearranging the living room

I don't know why it took me so long to do this.  I love the living room this way and you would think with as much time as I spend thinking about how to better arrange my space that I would have figured this out long ago.  But I'm happy about it now!  There's no glare on the tv and I can see it from the kitchen.  Also while sitting on the couch, I can look directly out the window and still see into the kitchen.  And we have a better  conversation circle by facing the chairs.  

More curb appeal

I bought a garage door kit at Home Depot and it was so worth it.  It turns your ordinary garage door into looking like carriage style doors.  I love it!  I also got my vinyl hello for the front door and love it!  You can read it from the street.  The more we do to this house, the more I like it.  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kids and gifts and friends

Thanks to Grandaddy and grandma for the doll store visit and this little cutie that Ava is holding.  
This is to prove that I brought Matt's Father's Day card home and didn't open it and spend the money!  Ha
From Miss Libby 
Time with some buddies

From Uncle Chris and Aunt Alicia - thank you!

Projects Home and Abroad

Well what a whirlwind of a time we've had recently and now we are heading into VBS week at our church.  And you know how that is!  This week I worked on some projects at home and helped a little at my parent's house in my dad's office.  It was fun spending time with them and friends for a few days but also good to be home!  Here are our projects.