Monday, January 23, 2012

Top Ten Facts of Jack David Fure at age 5

1. Right now he loves to play Lego video games and Legos and superheroes.

2. Loves to chat. A couple of times he has been home with Matt while Matt was working on a project. Matt doesn't talk when he works. So Jack has made the comment that "it sure is quiet in here!"

3. Very social. He loves to shake hands with people at church and to see his buddies.

4. He will be starting school in the fall.

5. He is a picky eater like his father. He would prefer to live on chips rather than all these strange foods I ram at him.

6. He still likes to know everything we are doing every second of the day.

7. He likes to count our family and he was #4 because he was 4. Now he thinks we need a dog so the dog can be #4 and he can be #5.

8. He loves our family and is ecstatic about having a baby sister even though she gets in his Legos.

9. He asks questions about God but doesn't understand salvation quite yet.

10. He says mommy about 1000 times a day and even though sometimes I can't focus on the task at hand when he does that, I would never put a stop to him calling me. It's such a short amount of time that I have him at home and even though I look forward to his future too, I am holding onto him and this time as long as I can!

Happy 5th birthday, Jack!

We had a great time with the family earlier in the week and an awesome time with Jack's buddies yesterday on his birthday. It was fun to have them all over, and we were able to use the downstairs so they could run and play. So it was a great birthday week!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy January!

January brings many birthdays in our family and friends circle so we have been busy with Aunt Nanny's and mine and gearing up for Jack's 5th birthday party. Also Chelsie's birthday is on the 15th. Wish we could celebrate with her! And also many friends have had birthdays so we have lots of parties in January. Fun!
And what beautiful weather we have had with multiple 50 degree days that allowed us to be outside more. We cleaned the garage and went to the zoo. Both were fun!