Thursday, May 29, 2008


Jack and I went to Valleyfair last week with my mom. She takes her class every year, so we go to keep her company. I was surprised we were able to do as much as we did.

Other miscellaneous happenings in Jack's life...balls and cars - that's where it's at!

First big boy haircut with Grandma Douglas...a wonderful lady who has adopted Jack as her church grandchild. Here's before and after...

We are getting a new camera soon. So then the pictures will be better hopefully!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jack golfing

Well when it rains, it pours. Three blogs in a day. But here is Jack in his first golfing experience at 15 months. Remember this when he is like Tiger someday, and we are living off his winnings! HA We're still trying to figure out - is he lefthanded? HMM


Why do kids always get the sickest on the weekends when nothing is open except for the emergency room? After calling the nurse line, we ended up taking Jack to the emergency room around 9 pm Friday night for his cough and wheezing. He had shortness of breath, and it scared me. But of course, he loved every second of it. And the doctors thought he was pretty funny, too. They have lots of tools and "toys" there. We found out the breathing was just related to his Bronchiolitis (baby bronchitis), so there's no asthma or pneumonia. And thank the Lord for drugs that clear things up pretty quickly. So he and I are both on our way back from nasty colds. But I'm glad Matt took some pictures.

Jack and his girlfriends

Jack, Lexi, and Lindsay were all born within a month of each other. So the moms and I have bonded through our pregnancy issues - and did we all have them! It is so fun for me to watch them together since they are all so close in age. They're all doing the same things!

Here's Jack and Lexi hugging.

Me babysitting! HA! Actually they don't have that long of an attention span, so the TV wasn't on that long. They can sit through Elmo, and that's about it. This is right after Elmo's World.

Even though this is blurry (we need a new camera), he is trying to put her pacifier in her mouth.

This is Jack and Lindsay. These two are too quick to catch in the hugging action.

Thanks to Dad and Mom Hanks we got new living room furniture - a chair, a couch, and end table - beautiful! And thanks to the President Bush economic stimulus package, we got a new ottoman. Definitely coming along! I love it all! Couldn't be happier!

So we get new neighbors this week in the downstairs apartment - John and Kristen Ball - missionaries to Uruguay, and their two kids Elli and Jake. We will have so much fun with the kids and of course John and Kristen, too. So we're very excited to have them close and to watch their progress as they make their way to Uruguay.