Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Children's Theatre

The kids were able to be a part of a Children's Theatre Improv Workshop a couple of weeks ago and loved it.  The play was called "The Gnomes' Homes" and they got to make up lines and even the story.  We dropped them off in the morning and went back for a play they put on for us.  It was a fun thing for them and for us.  Ava even had a line.  "We've been woking weal hawd!" Aww.  And they made the news!  It was fun to see them on  TV.  They were shown quite a bit in the clip.  Fun Fun!

Jack's Birthday Party Pictures

Jack's birthday

And now for Jack!  Jack turned 9 Friday, January 22nd.  We had cupcakes at Kids 4 Truth last week, special meals all day Friday, and a big cookie to share with his class.  And then Saturday the whole family and a school buddy Mark met us at the Wow Zone in Mankato for bowling and laser tag and other games.  Then we went to Grizzly's, one of our favorite places to eat in Mankato.  It worked out for some to meet us there and for others to come back to Fairmont for the rest of the weekend.  It was wonderful having them here.  And Jack racked up with lots of fun, gifts, and loved showered on him.  I reminded him that the best gift he got was all of the love from others that was shown to him.  It means so much to me as a mom.  There's nothing like the relationships of family and friends.  There will be more pictures to follow but here is his UFO from Aunt Nancy in action, and some from our Mommy-Jack date which involved the Chinese Buffet and the Sports and Dollar stores.  He liked walking around wishing for things.  Kind of like me at a home store!  It was fun having that time together.  It's been exciting seeing him grow up this year especially.  He even sang a solo in church which was a blessing to us to see him get right up there and sing out about being a servant.  That's what we pray for!

My birthday gifts

My gifts from Matt have materialized!  I now have an island table in our kitchen that gives more counter work space and also more walking space and we can eat on it.  Also Matt did the back splash which is an aqua glass subway tile with dark gray grout.  Just what I wanted.   I really am enjoying the kitchen, and these two things  just make everything look better.  Also my gift from the family is the brown leather bag I bought for school with my birthday money.  Happy girl!  I feel loved.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


So 2016 started off great with time with friends and family.  We also celebrated Nancy's birthday and my birthday the same weekend.  It was a blast, and I am so thankful for the love of my family and the many friends God has blessed me with.  My birthday gift has not materialized quite yet since of course it is a house project that is in the works.  Can't wait to show pictures!

We are now in the throes of winter and dreaming of Florida.  But it really hasn't been too bad overall and we do love Minnesota (except today is -27 wind chill.  Crazy!)

School started this past week and is still going well.  We couldn't be happier about it, and one new opportunity that fell in our lap this week was that Jack gets to take cello lessons for free!  We had to rent a cello and get a few things but it all just happened so easily and Jack is so excited, and we are too,  although a little nervous about having such an expensive instrument in his care!

So we are getting back in the swing of things.  It was a great  break, but we are looking forward to what comes next!

A Sad Day

One of our dear church ladies went to Heaven last week, and I had happened to take a picture last time we were together.  She was a happy lady and a good friend.  A true blessing to those who knew her.


We had a wonderful Christmas!  One of the best we've had I think but I probably say that every year.  We had such a great time together and with our families.  And as it should be, I didn't get as many pictures as I could have because we were too busy enjoying it.  But here's a few. 

Christmas Sunday

Jack's haul from our house.  

Ava and her fun stuff

Matt and I do a big one that we usually pick out ourselves and then we try to surprise each other with some smaller gifts.  He got a North Face sweatshirt and hat.  

And I got a Pioneer Woman double drink dispenser.  I love it!

Grandaddy reading the Christmas story. 

Ava's book "Ava and the Fairies" with herself as a character. 

Jack's super cool Superman sweatshirt
The kids playing with their Legos.

I got a couple of new wall hangings.  

The kids got some gifts, a wallet and necklace, from our family in Kentucky. 

Just a random picture of Ava and me