Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back from Florida!

It's so nice to be back home. A couple of weeks ago I didn't think I would be saying that since who doesn't love to be a tourist in Florida for a week or so? But after 25 hours in the car and hearing "Mommy" about 1000 times an hour, it's nice to be back in our bed and to have Jack back in his bed!! And who would have thought that we would be having 60 degree weather this week! YAY. We had a great time though. The weather was sunny and 85ish every day! And so much green! And the oranges are in season, so the trees are so beautiful. It's very intoxicating! And it's easy to understand why people retire there especially after the winter we just had.
We had a great time traveling down there, too, with stops along the way to see friends. Nice to visit my old church in Georgia. It was such a special place for me spiritually. And so now onto spring and Matt's birthday and our anniversary -6 years!! - and then Easter. I'm so looking forward to all of this.
So we went to two Disney parks, the beach, and then had a golfing/shopping day or two. Nice to stay at my uncle's and aunt's beautiful home and to spend some time with them! So here are some pictures....

Back in MN - splashing in puddles!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random thoughts...

I haven't blogged in a while. And I didn't feel that I had much of interest to contribute lately. We are busy, and it is fun for us; but maybe it wouldn't be of as much interest to anyone else. Well, today I had to sit and write this pretty much right when it happened. I do not allow Jack to wander around the house whining. (Shock! He's not perfect!) That's for the grandparents! HA! Anyway, I will say "Guess it's time for bed if you're whining." So today I went into a more lengthy explanation on how I wanted him to be happy; and if he wasn't happy, then he would be going to bed until he got happy. So not much later, I hear him whining yet again. I said, "Come here, Jack, time for bed." He promptly replied from the other room, "I happy, Mommy!" Of course, immediately after that, he asked for a pop tart, I said no, and he is now in bed! HA!
We are so looking forward to our trip. We are leaving in two days. I just want to see green and wear short sleeves! That's usually my goal this time of year. We will be driving to Florida and so will be stopping to see some friends along the way. Should be a fun trip. People ask, "How will Jack handle the trip?" But I just say, "Fine, I guess." Didn't we all just adapt to whatever our parents had us do when we were kids? It may take longer, but I'm confident we will make it with a two year old!!! Or if not, we will just leave him at one of our stops along the way! HA JUST KIDDING!
So that is our life right now although it seems we are so busy these days. I couldn't even tell you with what specifically except that it all adds up when you try to just do a few things here and there. So the vacation is looming very brightly right now. Maybe we will get some pictures to add. Here is one of my Valentine on Valentine's. AAWW! I think we will make it permanent! He took me to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.