Monday, April 24, 2017

Signs of Spring

There's green grass and buds on the trees and some beautiful tulips outside our school.  Also I got my first dandelions from Ava this past weekend.  I love this age and her! I think the farmers are getting excited too since I've seen some activity in the fields as I drive home from school.  What a breath of fresh air... literally!

When ordering something from Magnolia Market, this cute thank you comes with it!


Funny or cute things our kids and the school kids say.
Jack praying for Heidi to have her baby also prayed for the Dr to find a cure.

Ava while listening to a recorded book from my dad said she cried tears of joy.

Jack looking for a specific toy to take outside to play couldn't find it.  Ava found it fairly quickly.  Jack said, "I guess Mrs. Yates (his teacher) is right.  You do need girls to find things."

Lillie in study hall today talking about their banquet coming up.  "We were talking about finding dates, but we don't really know any boys."

A senior boy telling a story about hobos who accidentally burned a bridge down.  He said, "The moral of the story is 'Don't be a hobo!'"

So that's been my motto today. 😂

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My lovely ladies

This year has been a special year at Grace.  I have had the privilege of watching over these goofies every day for an hour or two.  They are the junior class and very special to me. We've had many discussions, lots of laughter, some celebrations and ice cream, and definitely not enough school work getting done during study hall! But I will always remember and cherish this time with them.  (From left to right: Lillie, Audrey, Paige, Sydnie)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This past weekend's projects

I am in love with these corrugated metal awnings in Jack's room.  Goes right along with our industrial farmhouse and very boyish.  I especially love the rusty one! Who knew I would? But I do! Matt weathered these himself, and I love how they turned out. 

The whimsical hallway - still not quite finished! But coming along nicely. 

 And last but not least, the fabric awning in the kitchen.  I love the market feel it has for the kitchen and certainly draws the eye to it.  And so easy and fairly cheap for such a fun focal point.  I still feel the kitchen has more to reveal to me, but it is taking it's time.  :) Oh the possibilities.  While this is a rental and my options are limited, I still can see lots of potential!

I am now caught up on the blog...until this next weekend!

Weird thing...

So our cats had kittens yesterday. Four of them.  Two orange, 1 black, 1 tortoise shell colored.  Adorable, but not necessarily wished for! The kids already want to keep one or two, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen! They will be fun for the next few weeks though!

Easter 2017

What a great Sunday! It's wonderful to be able to go to church and worship every week, but Easter is special with an emphasis on Christ's Resurrection! Matt preached on the Greek work "tetelestai" which means "it is finished". What an amazing thought that is! So many things were fulfilled on the cross.  Matt also talked about the conversion of Hudson Taylor, the great missionary. He studied what Christ had done and thought what's left for us? Then the amazing thought: "Nothing! What else is left but to fall on our faces and praise Him forever!" This really impacted me.  I'm so thankful for all He's done.  There's nothing for me to do.  It's done!! 

So here are our children on this beautiful day in their Easter finery.   

   After the kids were spoiled by both sides of the family, they got to look for their Easter baskets and also a bunch of eggs outside.

Jack's basket was in a suitcase on the shelf.

Ava's basket was in the laundry chute.

Look who got the Golden Egg? Again!!! We laugh because we literally have to point out almost all of the other eggs; but the last two years, she has happened upon the golden egg.  This year it had $5 inside!
Fun bunnies from Aunt Nanny

Easter dinner - yum!


My parents gave the kids these digging projects for gemstones and here they are, all cleaned up and shiny! 

Ava's an author!

My mom always has her class write a book and has included our kids as well.  This year was Ava's turn as she wrote " The Lost Kitten". She was very proud! She took it to school, and her teacher was very impressed and read it to the class.  Thanks, Mom! What a great feeling of accomplishment!

And Happy Birthday, Rebekah!

Rebekah gets to share her birthday with a buddy now that Oliver was born 8 days late on her birthday! So we had a double celebration.  We love our Aunt Bek!

Announcing...Oliver Owen Hanks

Born 2:44 am on April 14th
9 lbs. 8 ozs.
22.8" long
We are all so excited he's finally here! 

My cute husband

I love that he's using his Magnolia construction pencil to draw a headboard on a piece of wood.  It's going to look amazing.  I can't wait!

Fun new plaything

Our farmer friend is allowing us all to enjoy this little toy! It's a blast until you see your 10 year old riding off with your 6 year old holding on for dear life!

This is how I feel after school sometimes.  Hahaha

Jack in character

House Projects

We have been slowly updating the farmhouse.  A new light fixture in the living room, a small table that belonged to my mom refinished, and my whimsical hallway.  Still a work in progress, but I'm learning to love the journey.  I have enjoyed each of these fun little weekend projects.  

MACS Fine Arts Competition

Our high school students were involved in the MN Association of Christian Schools fine arts competition this month, and they did very well especially in art and academic testing.  They are really fun, and I had a good time going with my junior girls for the day.