Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Wow August is almost gone and all I have to say is where did it go?  So busy that I haven't even updated the blog!  I will get caught up!  Just not yet.  We are enjoying some time off before school starts, but I will be back in the saddle again soon!  Enjoy the last bits of summer!  I'm getting all of the goody I can out of it.  So that's one good reason not to update the blog I guess.  We are busy living!  :). Here's one of the kids with some friends at the Martin County fair last week.  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ava's pictures at age 5

Probably my favorites ever done of her.  Matt can do anything!  

Random doings

Ava has gotten some cards and gifts in the mail, so how fun is that?  So many wonderful, kind people in our lives, and we are so grateful for you.  

Lego creations 

We were able to attend an anniversary celebration at Berean this past weekend for our former pastor, and they took this picture when we got there.  And since we were talking to my good friend Sandy and her husband, we got to take one together.  Love it!  And so nice to see so many friends again!  
13 years ago on July 29th, Matt asked me to marry him.  Yellow daisies and a Diet Dr. Pepper later, I'm glad I said yes and I think he's still glad he asked me!
My parents sent these back to school cards in the mail and they had the kids' names on them.  So that was pretty cool.    Just a month to go!  

Ava at age 5

I always like to reflect around birthdays.  With Ava turning 5, here are some highlights of her life as of right now.  

1.  She's playing soccer, her first sport.  I'm thinking she won't make it into a career, but she is having fun.  She has been goalie twice, and I'm not sure anyone told her she is supposed to block the balls from coming in.  They kick it in, and then she gets to kick it back out.  What's not to love about that?  And she does the best jumping jacks!

2.  She has started qualifying everyone and everything as the best in the whole wode (world).  Best meal, best family, best people.  I hope she keeps that optimism!

3.  She is a repetitive person who will read the same books and sing the same songs over and over again.  Right now, she loves to sing and read her mother goose rhyme books.  

4.  She is a girly girl and loves princesses and stuffed animals and being pretty.  I try to remind her that she is prettiest when she smiles and is kind.  

5.  She is shy and quiet; but when she is comfortable, she can be very silly.  She has a funny sense of humor and makes us laugh.  

6.  She takes after Matt with her looks and personality.  Along with her sense of humor, she is laidback and easy to be with.  She is sensitive and internalizes her feelings sometimes.  She has a gap in her front teeth that is genetic from my family.  So far, I'm glad to see she's holding onto Matt's blonde hair!

7.  I think she loves and depends on Jack more than anyone else.  They have their tough moments, but for the most part, really love being together.  

8.  She is a creature of habit and like Matt could eat the same thing every day.  She always wants pancakes for breakfast, loves peanut butter and jelly for lunch, and crackers or chips otherwise.  She loves fruit and is not that interested in desserts.  Hmm - we don't understand that, but it's probably a good thing.  

9.  She will be starting kindergarten this year, so this is very exciting!  

10.  Her "L"s are still pronounced like "Y"s, and she is still struggling with her "R"s.  I am sort of hanging onto it since she's my baby, but I know it won't last forever.  

Ava is a delight to us, and we are grateful for her and the opportunity to spend time with her and train her every day.  Pray for us and her too!