Friday, April 15, 2016

Goofy Kids

Ava had her first sleepover when her friend Hannah spent the night last week.  These two play and play and hardly ever get tired!  The kids are at such a great age now and I really enjoy chatting with them to and from school and they say all kinds of funny things.  I love when they die laughing at something someone says and then ask me what it means. I also love that I get to see them at school in case they need me. Ava visits me sometimes since her class comes in to sharpen their pencils.  I would miss them if they got a pencil sharpener in their classroom. They almost always skip back to class. :) And there have been a few days of meltdowns and a day of sickness and it makes me happy I can be here for them.  I love this school: the kids are happy and are getting a quality education with spiritual values and emphasis in each area.  My heart is full.  It must be spring!  Programs are coming up, and I always get sentimental about the end of school.  And when it's such a great place, it makes it even better.  So happy we can do it again next year!  I don't want to skip over summer though!  Looking forward to the best weather time in Minnesota!


Spring in Minnesota can mean almost any type of weather.  This week it finally warmed up and we've been able to be outside comfortably.  The farmers are starting to work in the fields, there are flowers and green grass, and we all have spring fever!  We took the Kids 4 Truth kids outside last week and had them pick up sticks for a contest boys against girls.  They had so much fun and didn't realize they were helping!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy Easter and other doings!

It was nice to have my sisters here for Easter weekend.  We did breakfast at church, a great service, the big dinner, the egg hunt, colored eggs, watched Easter parade and had toys and treats given.  Spoiled as usual!

Nancy brought toys and bunny ears!
Jack got new glasses!  He's excited to see again!

 The egg hunt spoils
 Treats from Auntie Judy

Ava  waiting and watching...

Jack's science project for school earned him 3rd place!

Ava painted a birdhouse that we will try to hang outside and lure some birds in.  She also got 3rd place!  They had fun doing these projects.  

Our Happy 13th Anniversary - Day 8

Oops I got a little out of order.  So this was our last day before leaving.  Matt and I spent the whole day together.  It was our anniversary and we also took our segway back trail tour.  We had a great day just being together.  After the segway tour, we went to visit my favorite resort, the Grand Floridian.  It's very beautiful.  We ate in the pool cafe, visited the wedding pavilion (for free!) and took our own  picture, and rented a boat to ride around the lake by the Magic Kingdom.  Then we rode some rides and had our anniversary dinner at Be Our Guest, which is the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast.  It had a huge ballroom and the West Wing and a couple other rooms and you can meet the Beast.  We didn't but we saw him.  The food was delicious and we even tried the gray stuff - it was delicious!  (From the movie)

The wedding pavilion.  You can spend a ton of money to get married here but we checked it out for free.  The castle of the Magic Kingdom is very tiny behind us.  

The castle can also be viewed through the big window at the front but not visible in our picture.

Edible Easter eggs that the bakers made over the course of 3 weeks displayed in the lobby of the Grand Floridian. 

Polynesian Villas 

Contemporary Resort

Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox at the Splash Mountain ride
We usually go during the flower and garden festival at Epcot.  You can just breathe in the flowers wherever you walk.   I loved these trees although these particular ones are at Magic  Kingdom.

Be Our Guest - eating at the Beast's castle

The gray stuff - it's delicious!

The West Wing

The ball room

The Rose gallery
The Master of the Castle