Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Progression in our Church Maples

And now the leaves have really fallen and some of them are starting to look bare. But we enjoy them so much. And now the harvest is mostly done around the farm.  It has been so much fun watching the farmers and seeing the huge trucks and machinery full of corn. We have loved living in the country and don't miss living in town at all. And I'm excited my kids get to experience this at this time in their lives. So come on, November! We are ready for you!

The Sanders Family

One of our special families in our church.  They always take time with our kids and are so happy and fun to be around.  And Irene is their adopted Grandma and also part of our church.  Wonderful people.  


Fun Weekend

We had a fun time a few weeks ago when my dad and Nancy came down.  We didn't do much.  Just looked at the farm and had hot cocoa and caramel apples and hung out for the day.  

Our newest usher! And more on Grandparents Day

Jack asked if he could be an usher. I'm not sure what put the idea in his head, but Matt told him to ask Mr. Ken our head usher.  And he said yes! So here he is on the first Sunday ushering.  

Here is a picture of our school kids on Grandparents Day singing the school song.  Micah 6:8. It was a fun day having our parents there for the program and lunch and then an open house in which they could walk around and see the kids' classes.  Grandparents (and our parents) are wonderful! It was fun to show them what the kids are up to in school.  We are proud of them and proud of our school.

15 years

On Saturday, October 29th, we celebrated the fact that 15 years ago Matt asked me out on a date for the first time.  And the rest is history! I love that he keeps track of all the of the special dates in our lives.  It's been a wonderful adventure! And still going!

Ava's New Recliner

I found this on Craigslist, and she was pretty excited.  She asked if she could sleep in it the first night. 

New Friend

My good friend Katie just had a baby so the kids were able to hold a newborn.  It is also our little friend Aaron's cousin so we got to see him at the hospital too! Katelyn Jane weighed 9 pounds!

Our bedroom updated

Cello and Church

Here is Jack teaching Ava how to play the cello.  

Driving around the other day, we stopped and took pictures of this really cool old Lutheran Church.  


I took pictures of our school classes the other day for a bulletin board project and here are Ava's and Jack's classes this year. 

Volleyball and Friends

We were able to go to a volleyball game for our school when they played Woodcrest a couple of weeks ago, and that was a lot of fun seeing our teams play and also catching up with friends.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall Happenings

We've been having a good fall and enjoying the weather.  Here are some things that have been happening over the last few weeks.

Brent and Heidi came down for a visit and we were able to go out and do a little hunting

We were able to get 3 ducks and we shot at some other stuff.  It was a lot of fun.

Jack didn't actually go duck hunting with us, but he surprised me by being willing to hold one of the dead ducks.

Our school had Grandparents Day on a recent Monday, so both sets of parents came down on Sunday and stayed over and we were able to have a fun day at school with the kids.
That morning it was super foggy outside.  We couldn't even see the cornfields right behind the barn
We are blessed to have such great parents!
We took a walk down to the lake on the farm.  It was a beautiful fall day!  The walk was a little difficult over all the harvested and tilled up fields but we enjoyed a nice rest looking out on the lake.

Ava even found a new pet that lasted until she dropped it somewhere in a cornfield.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Kids & the Cats

The kids love their cats and they love spending time with them.