Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas week

We had a great Christmas week!  The best and most meaningful part was just being together with family.  I like presents just like the kids do, but each year the part I like best is when all the hoopla is done and there is time to just be together and really focus on Christ's birth.  Here's a few pictures!  We did stockings and gifts at our house on Christmas Eve and then headed to the cities in a snowstorm to be with our families the next day.  It was a little scary and long, but we made it. 

Reading the Christmas story at grandaddy's 

One of the favorites for Ava - a Rapunzel dress!
Jack's favorites were his weapons I think.  

Lots of bustling in the kitchen
Kimber getting a holiday pat!

I got a fireplace
And a bench with my gift cards
The kids got to spend lots of time with the grandparents and there was snow tubing and shopping and movies.  Ava's new favorite is picame 2 (Despicable Me 2) that we bought them.  So many memories made for a great time together!  And it's not over!  Birthday celebrations coming soon!   

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas!! From our family to yours

Our Bedroom

Veeerrry close to being done.  Just trim and still have to take care of the weird pole behind the chair.  And my Christmas present is on the wall - the fireplace.  It's nice with the insulation issue back there to have the added heat; and of course, it adds so much to the ambiance.  

Ava's new haircut

Her twin haircut friend Annaliese.  
Our new haircutter friend, Caitlyn

Almost Christmas

We had a full week this past week finally focusing on Christmas.  We did cards and made our candy, had our program practices and programs today.  And I think I am mostly finished with Christmas shopping!  

Monday, December 16, 2013

6 month anniversary

Well Saturday we celebrated 6 months since we have moved to Fairmont, and what a time it's been!  In this time, we have bought a house, started homeschooling, remodeled the house (ongoing), started some new kids programs at our church, tried to adjust and get to know everyone, while trying to keep some level of consistent family life.  Here's my observations and not in order of importance.   

1.  It is a great town with kind people who are all about customer service.  Anytime we say we moved here recently, they get excited and say, "Welcome to Fairmont!"

2.  The church people are even better who are such a blessing to us every time we meet.  We have been overwhelmed at their generosity time and again.

3.  We loved our summer here with all of the lakes and trails and fun doings.  And there's lightning bugs!  We haven't seen them in years. Winter is definitely quieter so far, so we are just staying cozy!

4. Very scenic with all of the farms and less traffic.  A bonus! 

5.  Interesting that we rarely see commercial airplanes.  But lots of crop dusters!  

6.  Lots of cute little towns and not far from the city if we really need it. 

7. We are happy to still be in Minnesota and close to family but most importantly, to be in God's will and doing His work.  

8.  God gave us a great house at a price that fits our budget and that will meet our needs perfectly when we get it done.  It has our living space on one floor, a designated school area, and separate guest area.  It's a little closer to church and town.  The main things were in good condition, and so the cosmetics were the only things that needed changing.  Even though there seem to be quite a lot of changes needed, it's doable.  Funny thing - we love our little garage that fits our tiny car perfectly.  And Matt loves the tiny driveway that he can shovel in about 3 swipes!  I have always wanted a mailbox right next to the front door and not sure I've ever had one.  We may even get to know our mailman since we run into him every now and then.

9.  We are looking forward to seeing what God does in this next phase of our lives.  It's almost like we are just beginning, and we are happy to be doing that in Fairmont.  

10. I don't have a 10th thing, but it just seemed like a nice round number.  So stay tuned for more from the Fures in Fairmont!

Cookie Day

We were able to go to Cookie Day hosted by our friend Judy this past weekend.  It's been a tradition since we started going to Berean, and it was so much fun to see her and many others who we've missed.  With our house in disarray and our kids feeling a little stir crazy, it was nice to get out and do something different.  


Finished Book 2

Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Week at the Fure House Project

This week we are working on our bedroom.  Well the men are.  I feel pretty useless when that is all going on.  My work comes after their work.  The ceiling was sheetrocked, the floor got carpet, the walls got painted, and tomorrow the wall will be finished where we tore the other one out.  And then after finishing painting the ceiling, we can move back in!  The kids have had fun sliding and jumping on the mattress out in the living room.  And it's been sort of fun camping out, but I will be ready to get it all back in order.  I blame my mom for making me an organized person, and I get nervous when things are not in place.  Love you, Mom!  

So after this big week, the only major thing left upstairs is the flooring in the kitchen and bath.  Woohoo!  I was hoping to have the upstairs done by Christmas, and we are close.  

School is going well.  We are still plugging along although we have had to adapt a little bit with the housework schedule.  Jack resists at first; but once resigned to my plan, he can be a hard worker and seems to be doing well.  Aren't we all like that with God?  We are finishing up week 12 this week.  We are studying the 8 family in math with addition and subtraction along with learning time and measurements.  I notice he is doing his combinations in his head now instead of using his fingers.  In phonics or language, we are learning root words and suffixes, syllables, and just started the 3rd reading book called Stepping Stones.  I actually remember this book from when I went to school.  I like that!  The other day he said, "Did you know there is a sign in the downstairs boys bathroom at church that says, 'Pray without kissing'?"  I had to teach him that "c" sometimes sounds like "s".  Ha. 

We are getting ready for the Christmas program with the kids at church, and they are doing great.  More on that in a couple of weeks!

Saturday, December 7, 2013