Friday, March 15, 2013

Family Fun and a Field Trip

We took the kids out before we left for vacation so here are some family fun pictures. We took them miniature golfing at the Mall of America which was hilarious to me and frustrating to my golfer husband. They played at the Lego store, and Jack of course spent all of his time making little guys while Ava made a girly pink Lego train. They love the Disney store, and I caught them sitting in the tunnel with Mickey and Minnie. They also got to ride some rides. (Thanks, Uncle Brent and Auntie Heidi! We met them there for a little while.) It was a great time!

Also I went on a field trip to the Bell Museum with Jack's class, so there are a few pictures from that day. I just realized I had a lot of pictures on my phone that hasn't made it on here yet so here they are.

We also celebrated Matt's birthday with the family early since we will be on our trip for his birthday. I didn't get any pictures of that party (Famous Dave's - Yum!!), but I will add one of him on his birthday. Ok enough blogging. Time to vacate!

Happy birthday, Dad!

We had a great time celebrating a couple birthdays before we left. Here's a great picture of Jack helping dad blow out his candles. It's sort of a tradition since Jack has been around that he helps everyone with their candles. It's getting to be a big job for all of us! Ha! Also I helped dad a little with changing his office around. I really liked how it turned out. It still needs a few touches, but it's looking good overall!

10 years together

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary properly in Florida and with a Caribbean cruise thrown in! We were so sad to say good bye to the kids; but on the other hand, it's nice to remember us without them. And yes, we did high five each other a few times when we heard a child crying or saw a family loaded down with car seats and luggage and strollers. It was nice to walk around with our one bag each.

And it helps to know they are so excited to spend time with the family. Thank you, all you wonderful Hanks's and Fures for loving and even spoiling them while we are gone. It makes it easier to leave when we know they are with you.

Here's my view of our first morning. Love the sun and the green grass and beautiful flowers and landscaping around Carol's and Larry's neighborhood. And we are excited to be missing lots of snow this week in Minnesota!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Ava said, "My nose is runny!" It's her newest sentence. And yes, it's still running! I think we get like a day or two of health in between each long cold. She also says, "my" for "I'm". So every day when she gets up, she says, "My wake" for "I'm awake." Yesterday was a little more. She said, "My wan' pay too, Sassy." In case you don't speak Ava-nese, that means, "I want to play, too, Lexi." It's fun to understand her more.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random pics

Here are some random pictures we've taken over the last few weeks

Friday, March 1, 2013

I was able to sub in Jacks class last week. Can you guess who isn't a kindergartner in this picture? We had fun!

Happy March!

I think our family is finally over the sickness that has plagued everyone this winter! I felt like just giving the kids a straw in their medicine bottles because we went through so much of it! I'm happy it is March! At least that's when spring officially starts even if it might not feel that way quite yet. It gives hope! It has been a nice break to be in the 30s this past week and to see the sun a little more.

We are looking forward to our 10 year anniversary vacation coming up in 2 weeks! Florida and a cruise! Sort of like our honeymoon trip. And no kids this time either! They are excited to be able to spend lots of time with our families who have all offered to house them.

Another big goal has been reached. For the first time since Jack has been born, we are debt free! What a relief! Now we are working hard to stay that way, and here's hoping the car keeps running! Ha. We are so grateful for God's provision!

We are staying busy with school for Jack. I feel like my car automatically goes there when I get in it. Ava is chattering more and more. They both like to sing so that always makes us smile. Of course, Ava's songs always sound about the same. She has been pretty snugly lately so I'm enjoying this time!