Monday, February 21, 2011

Tooth Proof!

Here's a picture of that tooth


Ava has had two developments this past week besides turning 7 months old. She has two teeth coming in the bottom and she started eating cereal and baby food. It's so cute to see her lean in for a mouthful. We tried to get a picture of the teeth, but mostly got her tongue. So we will keep trying.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pictures from Colorado

For my birthday this year, I asked for money to go to Colorado to see my brother Chris and his family. They hadn't met Ava yet, and I wanted them to meet. So my family all contributed so I could go. Thanks, Everyone! I had a great time, and it was nice that Dad was able to go, too. I don't know how I would have navigated the airport without him. He was a huge help with Ava! And fun to have along! Everyone asked me, "Ooh Colorado! What are you gonna do on your trip?" My answer was "See my family, of course!" We did do some things, but my goal was just to be together. And it was GREAT! The weather was beautiful! So here are some pictures of what I did...

Chelsie and Bethany got baptized while we were there

I love that both Kyle and Ava are smiling. Very rare with Ava so far!
Cousin Buddies - Connor and Caleb
AWWW Chris and Alicia - We did birthdays since I probably won't see them until next year.

Chick Fil A!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Hanks men

I love this - Connor brought out his dinosaur book and was reading it to Ava. That's something Jack would do. So cute!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

BIG Smile!

Well, as you can tell from the picture, Ava is starting to show some really big smiles. She gets really excited especially when she sees Shannon, Jack or me. She's still not much of a laugher, but she loves to smile. Shannon says that it seems like her face cannot contain her happiness! Of course, even after a long day or a bad day it is absolutely impossible to not smile when you see your daughter looking at you this way!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is for you, Nancy!

Nancy said she doesn't have any pictures on our blog, so here's one! Love you, Nanny!

Finally February!

January is over! I thought after Christmas it would slow down, and then I thought maybe after January, and now I'm thinking maybe in a couple of weeks! Busy busy busy!

Ava's 6 month appointment today revealed that she has an ear infection. I knew something wasn't right! So no "finger poke" today as Jack would say. He calls shots "finger pokes" since that's what he remembers from getting his iron checked. So that is too bad, but at least she didn't have finger pokes. Just prolongs the agony for a couple of weeks down the road until we get rid of this ear infection. She does not suffer in silence, but she's been pretty good considering.

This weather is getting me down! I don't think it will ever stop snowing. It will probably be June before it melts, so we are looking forward to a break in Florida in March! Can't wait for that. It's our favorite place for vacation this time of year since it's always nice there!

We have had lots of babies born lately around us! Mostly boys, but one girlfriend for Ava. Fun! Showers galore! And we are hoping to start up our moms group officially in March. We are excited about that and hope it goes off without a hitch. So that is taking my time and energy lately.