Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Ava came out and showed us what she'd been doing with some Frozen lip gloss she got for Christmas and told us, "It's called yispick!"

Stitch free!

Birthday Blooms

Jock at 10 weeks

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My actual birthday

So on my actual birthday, we went to the Mall of America and met Matt's parents who took us to the Rainforest Cafe.  We had never been there together before, and it was so much fun.  Lots of fish and animals (fake) who moved and made noises and there was a thunderstorm every 20 minutes.  Really was fun!  So then Matt and I shopped while his parents took the kids on rides and to play with Legos.  Very nice to have some kid free time, and they probably felt the same way!  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!  It was a special birthday, and I am so blessed.  So much more than I deserve, but I'm not complaining!  Thank you, dear family and friends, for your love and encouragement and gifts of time and expense.  Love you all!

Jock the Hero Dog

My sister Rebekah told me to have Jack watch a movie with a name we were ok with since he seemed to keep picking names of movie dogs.  Well after the kids picked the name Jock, our friends gave us this movie.  Guess we picked the right name!  Perfect!

Ninja Warfare

Jack got 3 stitches this week while playing ninja with a friend.  He came through it like a trooper.  

More party

It's always fun to have the Red Plate at mom and dad's house!  
Dad made seafood mac and cheese - best you'll ever have anywhere!  Delicious!
Ava can touch her tongue to her chin.  Something we discovered at my party.  Ha!

Birthday weekend

As fortune would have it, three of my very close friends have birthdays right around mine in addition to Nancy's and then a couple more family ones coming up (Chelsie and Jack).  So January is a very busy month birthday-wise.  So last Friday I was able to spend time with my friend Jenn and her two kids, Sam and Nora, who are both close to Jack and Ava in age.  Jenn and I were both in the same hospital at the same time having Jack and Sam.  Sam is two days younger than Jack.  We also both went through some of the same things in our pregnancy so bonded through that and we've been good friends for years now.  

Sharron has been my friend since I started attending Berean back in 2006.  I prayed with her as a visitor the first night we went there, and she always takes credit for Jack since she says she prayed for us to have him.  She's always been such an encouraging friend to me.  
I always joke that Lexi and Jack have been together since the womb.  They were born 18 days apart and literally were together from the nursery on.  Even though we moved a year and a half ago, Libby and I keep in touch and we try to get the kids together every so often.  It was so good to see them this past weekend!
Say cheese!

Matching coats

Josh and Dollar bonding with Jock
Me and Libby
And of course, my weekend involved Chick Fil A!  Yum!

Happy Birthday, Nancy!

We birthdayed it up last week with Nancy's birthday on Thursday and then mine on Friday.  Even though mine wasn't until the next Tuesday, everyone sacrificed their time to celebrate the day after Nancy's.  Happy birthday, Nanny!  Love you!

Church Kids Activity

We had a fun time with our Kids 4 Truth kids last week.  They all came together to sing and minister to the people at Goldfinch Estates.  However at the last second literally, Goldfinch canceled due to the flu. It's been going around like crazy.  So we still took the kids to McDonalds and sang all the way there.  They did great, and we had a fun time.