Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Minnesota Zoo

With the beautiful fall weather, we decided to get out and enjoy it.  The Minnesota Zoo had Howlzooween going on with lots of special happenings, so we went and ended up getting a membership because by the time you pay, you may as well join up.  Since we love it there and have been a member in the past, we are very excited about being able to go whenever we can.  This trip Ava decided she wanted to take home an ottow, chinchilla, and pwaiwie dog.  Jack wants a hyacinth macaw, one of those big blue birds. Thankfully, they don't let you take the animals home!  We saw lots of cool animals and also many babies surprisingly.  And they had some extra special things going on like face painting and treats.  Since the weather is getting colder, I'm not sure they will see us until spring, but we will be excited to go back!

Report card

We will take it!  I guess we will work a little harder in writing and reading and also in listening to directions and focusing, whew what?  No, we are proud of Jack!  
Finished two more reading books!

Fall fun with friends

Ava has a new princess friend from co-op named Hannah.  I can't get over her beautiful hair for a 3 year old!  They had a blast playing together, and her mom and I had fun chatting!  She also has a little sister named Lauren who didn't make it into a princess dress or the pictures.  

We were able to visit a sweet lady in our church, and the kids sang and said some verses they had learned.  And as always, when you try to be a blessing to someone, they are usually more of a blessing to you.  She's a blessing.  
Our buddy Maryann came along with us to see Marie (above), and we stopped at the park.  What a perfect fall day!  October has been an amazing month in Minnesota this year.  I hope it extends to November!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Playing around

MWC and the Silent Auction

Our church is sponsoring two baskets that will be auctioned at Metro Women's Center's silent auction on November 13th.  We filled a garden basket and a picnic basket.  The proceeds will benefit Metro Women's Center and the Amazing Grace Home.  I'm really excited to be a part of it and really grateful to our church people for being so generous for such a great cause.  

Grandparents weekend

Last Saturday we went to Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard with our church group, and my parents drove down to meet us.  It turned out to be a beautiful day although a little chilly in the morning.  And then Sunday, Matt's parents drove down and spent the night with us.  Monday the men went golfing, and Jack even got to go.  This was his first official time going, and he loved it!  I think Matt has been waiting for that since he was born.  The girls went shopping, and then we met for lunch.  They even got to watch Jack have a little school before they drove back.  It was so nice!  

Monday, October 13, 2014

More Kidstuff

The kids have been running us lately!  From co-op to field trips to a play Jack was able to be a part of, we have been busy with their social calendar.  
Here's the co-op train in Jack's gym class.  Poor engineer's back!
We signed Jack up to be in a Children's Theatre production of Rumpelstiltskin.  It was just one day.  We dropped him off in the morning and were able to come back a while later and see the play.  It was just a fun impromptu thing.  He had 3 lines.  The first one was, "I'm so hungry I could eat a chicken."  (He got to make that one up.)  The second one was talking to the people, "You must tell us a story to entertain us."  And the last one was, "I'll marry her!"  The 11 year old princess.  It was fun for us to watch, and he had a great time.  

Today we went to Center Creek Orchard with our co-op. A little chilly and drizzly, but still fun.