Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sick Girl

Ava stayed home a couple of days from school this past week with an ear infection, and Matt took this cute picture of her.  She was smiley, but was pretty pale and a little puffy.

The Porch Project and Snow Comes to the Farm...and More

Still somewhat of a work in progress, but I love the white! There's a ton of brown in this house; and while the inside trim looks beautiful, I miss my white.  So the porch is all white...almost.  We will be doing something to the floors and then also adding wall decor.  The large window frame came from the barn. I love that.  The chandelier was in our room when we moved in, so we removed the globes and painted it.  It goes perfectly in black.  Also the old white painted cabinet with the games in it came from the basement and used to be part of the kitchen cabinets.  So it made its way upstairs along with the farmhouse table.  

 The first snowfall of the winter...

 The living room or parlor as it used to be called.

 Our tree this year

Ladies Night Ornament Exchange

We usually have a ladies night out once a month or so with our ladies, and at Christmastime we do an ornament exchange.  It is always well attended and fun to have to time to chat with each other.  Even the little ladies got involved! 

Go #14!

Since Jack is in 4th grade, our school has allowed his age through 9th grade to practice and play basketball for the Jr. High team.  He played his first game this past Tuesday.  It was a blast to watch! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Cheer!

Christmas has made it to our house!

Christmas in the Air!

Our Bedroom


After hanging these awesome corner shelves, Matt was cleaning up. The drill started to slip and he tried to catch it with his knee and the drill bit snapped off into his knee which led to surgery a few days later.  It was minor, and he appears to be recovered nicely now.  But what a crazy, bizarre thing!

Thanksgiving at Home

What a great time we had Thanksgiving week! Lots of family time and traditions like visiting Macy's 8th Floor and Black Friday shopping.  We did a fun thing with our family and drew names to tell what we were thankful for about each other and gave a little gift.  And then Nancy bought us some soft indoor snowballs which was a blast!