Monday, September 30, 2013


We had a deer lying in our yard! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kids 4 Truth

We had a great kickoff to the Kids 4 Truth program last night with 25 kids!  Very exciting!  Here is Jack's group getting their sashes and books.  

Nature walk scavenger hunt

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Brytain's shower

Here are some pictures from a baby shower we had at our house for a lady in our church.  We had so much fun getting together with over 20 ladies to celebrate baby Brytain with the Walker family!  And a bonus - I got to decorate.  Ava and Jack helped us with the cake pops.  The mommy is on the left along her mom on the right, her mother in law next to her, and her two other daughters.  The auntie is holding the baby.  

Ava's phrase-ology

I feel I should be walking behind Ava with a recorder.  She is just exploding with all kinds of songs and phrases.  When we tell her we love her, she has started answering, "you too."  And Wednesday she added, "you dust da best mommy."  She's been singing parts of songs and does not appreciate help from Jack.  The wise man and foolish man, tinkle tinkle little stow, itsy bitsy spidow, and more.  She also likes to shake up Matt by bursting out with, "Packows!"  (Packers!)  As you can probably tell, she has trouble with her "r"s and reminds me of Rebekah when she was little.  She was so cute trying to say them!  

She is doing well with her colors and knows most of them.  Still no letters really, but that will come and I want to start working with her on verses.  She still prays to go downtown every day.  I finally asked her why and she said, "Heidi go downtown.  I go Heidi."  So there you go, Auntie Heidi!

She was giving me a particularly hard time during school the other day and I was starting to feel badly for not giving her much attention.  Then Matt came home for lunch and all of a sudden, she started telling him about her day (happily).  "And den mommy said go pay toys but I no pay toys and I tow a fit."  Little stinker.     

One of my favorite things she does is when you ask her to do something and she's trying to buy some time, she will say, "dust 2 seconds" while trying to hold up 2 fingers.  And it takes about 5 seconds to do that.  

School is a little more organized and streamlined.  The honeymoon is definitely over with Jack.  That didn't take long.  He doesn't perk up until after our break now, but we are moving ahead anyway.  I'm glad I just have 2 to attempt to inspire instead of 20!  Ok 1 to inspire and 1 to distract/occupy.  One little Jack phrase that he made up.  He said one day describing himself, "I was just crackin' nuts!"  What does that mean?  According to him, it means going crazy.  I think we are all crackin' nuts over here!

I am a list person and I have realized there are a few benefits to me personally with homeschooling that I maybe didn't take into account before.  I'm sure there are many more, but these have struck me the past couple of weeks.  I was so focused on my fear that it was outweighing the pros.  

1.  My favorite part is that I have planned interaction with my kids.  I really like them!  As Ava has said recently, "I yike you and I yove you too!"  With the move, I know that hasn't happened as much as it should.  So that has been fun.  

2.  I try to stay on school while it's school time, but I like that I can catch up on housey stuff during our break.  It seems easier to get things done when I have more of a schedule.  

3. I didn't have to buy school clothes.  I do try to have us all dressed and ready for the day but it was nice to be able to use what we have on hand.  And socks are optional!

4.  I know I will appreciate being able to stay inside in the winter!

The next big thing happening for us is our two new ministries beginning at church:  Kids 4 Truth on Wednesday nights and a youth program on Sunday nights after church.  We are looking forward to seeing what God does here.  It's all new and scary, but it will be good!  And then we are hoping to move in October or November depending on how smoothly the process goes.  Another benefit of homeschooling - it keeps me from dwelling on that too much!  

Oh and this Wednesday was Play-doh Day!  Thanks, Mom, for the tips on the special days.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Grandparents' Day!

Our kids are blessed with the best grandparents ever!  Both sets are godly examples that influence our children for Him. They were able to spend time with them this past weekend; and even though the Fure's card somehow came back with us, we still want you all to know how much we love and appreciate you!  Thanks for all you do for us and the kids.  We are so glad they have a relationship with you.  (And we will make sure we get the card to you, Grandma and Grandpa!)

Chick-Fil-A is comin'

October 10th is the grand opening in Maple Grove and Coon Rapids. We will not be there in body but in spirit and will certainly make up for lost time as soon as we can get up there!   This is a horrible picture, but it's coming along with even a play area for the kids.  

Happy birthday, Heidi!

I didn't get a picture of Heidi's birthday party but we had so much fun celebrating Heidi's birthday with everyone and had a burger bar.  Yum!  Dad makes the best burgers, and mom makes the best chocolate cake.  We had the good Stone Ridge Creamery ice cream that we love too!  All of the men in the family got to golf Saturday and the girls shopped in Anoka.  Love those shops!  We shopped 'til the kids dropped.  I will add the picture of them on the way home.  

We had a special family in our church over for dinner this past week.  Twin "girls" (Jean and June) and June's husband.  They brought treats for the kids little knowing that spending time with them was the best treat.  They have been involved with us from the beginning of Matt being called here.  The first time Matt met them (he met them before I did), he said, "You're going to love them!"  And of course, he's right!  As usual.  What a blessing these people have been to us!  

The kids on the way home-aah peaceful!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ava Counting in English

Ava and Jack playing hide-and-seek

Ava Counting in Spanish

Thank you Dora and Diego!


We have had a fun first couple of days with Jack even telling me I did "good as a teacher"!  We are able to do it while Matt is at church studying and then we can have lunch together. As Brent my brother said, "only 12 more years". Thanks!  That helps.  

Classroom Funnies
Ava's prayer request for both days so far is that she would get to go downtown.  I haven't figured out what her thought pattern is for that one yet.  

I gave them some candy for answering some questions and told them they could eat it during our break time.  Ava kept asking, "it bake time yet?"

She also told Matt last night that she wants to be a "peachow when I gwo up".  A preacher!  Wow!  

Jack does really well on anything verbal and struggles with writing.  But so far he is working hard on that.  Ava hangs in there until break and then is happy to go play which is right about math time.  Probably good timing!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bye bye Summer Vacation

So today is the last hurrah!  School at the Fure Family Academy is starting tomorrow.  Whew!  Now that I wrote it, I have to do it!  It feels good to have it in print!  Last night we let the kids camp out on the sofa bed and in true campout form, they were wild and crazy even at midnight. I will be finishing my lesson planning this morning and then later we will have some sort of party or celebration.  Because that's how we do things!  I feel like I'm probably the last homeschooler on the planet to get started this year, but I'm going to say what they say when you're flying.  We will make up time in the air!  Not sure what the secret is to making up time anywhere; but if they say it, I'm sure we can too!

We are going through a bit of a transition with homeschooling and just found out we will need to move due to an appraisal issue with our current house.  So we are house hunting again.  I don't appreciate the distraction when clearly I'm so focused on homeschooling (kidding!).  But all of you out there who read this blog (and I keep finding more of you - I thought it was just our parents), pray!!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lasts and Firsts

It is always with great sadness that I say good-bye to summer, and this has been a full one.  A move with a new ministry, new town, house, friends, and activities along with a sprinkle of old friends and family made it unique and special.  It's really been a great summer!  It's nice that the weather doesn't know it's the end quite yet since it will be 80s this week!  The funny thing is I'm usually sad at summer's end for about a minute before it hits me that I do really love fall too.  Then I'm excited again.  So here we go!  

We were able to get out on the Cushman's boat again for the last time which was actually my first time.  I love boating, tooling along and looking at the houses and scenery.  

Then we hit the fair again for the last time on Labor Day.  It was a perfect day in the 70s.  I think I have been to the State Fair every Labor Day since moving back to Minnesota in 2000; and even when I lived here as a child, we went that day.  It's tradition!  Matt usually was working, so this was the first time for him at least in a while.  

We were also able to see the families which is always the best!  Then we stopped by Woodcrest to see Jack's classmates from last year.  They look so big, and the new kindergarten class looks so small!  I'm starting to understand how many say they want to slow time down.  This part seems to be flying compared to the 5 years at home before school.  Well I still have Ava to remind me what that's like so I won't get sentimental quite yet.  She's a mix of cuteness and rebellion.  We left them with my parents while we went to the fair and she said, "you go 'out us?"  (You're going without us?) She's never really said anything like that before, so it's always fun to hear those comments.  

So those are our lasts.  We are home, the house is a wreck, and school has to be organized since we are starting...soon!  But I'm glad to have a project, and I guess I have one or two now!  Here are some firsts.  

Jack started flag football last night and loves it so far.  It's so funny to hear the comments from the coaches and parents.  It's always my favorite part along with the kids who get the ball and just run in any direction.  So cute!  He was also promoted in Sunday School to the 1st-3rd grade class.  

And of course, homeschooling is the biggest first for our family.  I still have some nerves about it but I am hopeful that once we begin, it will all fall into place.  I am excited about organizing it at least but usually you can organize something and sit back and admire it.  I don't think that will work in this case.  Matt was making fun of me and saying I should try the think method of homeschooling.  Just like on the Music Man.  
Well, I feel this is wordy probably because we had a lot to catch up on so I will stop and add pictures.