Sunday, January 26, 2014


I shudder to put this in writing but Ava has had dry pants mostly since yesterday.  She was doing pretty well at home so I told her I would buy her a toy.  We bought it for her and right after that she went in her pull-up.  So I asked her why and she said "I yust want a dipow."  So I told her I would keep the toy since she wasn't going to obey.  Well that has worked so far.  She really wanted the toy.  And it's been enough to push her to keep her pull up dry!  So far anyway...will keep you posted.  I'm getting excited but a little afraid it's not real.  This is her with her toy Princess Anna.  

Jack and Noah

Jack first met Noah on our trip to Fairmont for Matt to candidate at our church.  I met his parents and Noah; and after finding out he was 6, I called Jack over to meet him.  Jack said hi and Noah stood there smiling for a second before touching Jack's arm, saying "TAG" and running off.  They were immediately friends and have loved playing with each other ever since.  So here they are celebrating together at McDonald's and the museum in town.  It was fun!  I love all of the different faces they make.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 22nd

On Jack's actual birthday yesterday, we were snowed in due to blizzard conditions.  I wanted that day to be special too because that's what we do.  So I made a cupcake cake - just homemade yellow with chocolate frosting - and Matt made some homemade caramel corn which we decided we should not do very often if ever since we could not stop eating it!  It was delicious! We had special meals for Jack.  Pizza lunch and chicken dinner with ramen noodles for a snack since that is his favorite thing.  And after lunch we did his thank you cards and then all just relaxed on the couches and read or played games.  It was so nice and so after supper, Jack said "but we really didn't do anything."  So I told him to pick some things we could do together.  He picked 7 things since he's 7.  This is what they were.  Some of them we timed to only 7 minutes so we could keep it moving.  I think he did a good job picking games with variety.  

1. We all played basketball in the basement.  

2.  We jumped on the guest bedroom bed.  This is one of the kids' favorite thing to do lately.  Who needs a trampoline?

3. We played Wii Mario Kart.  

4.  We played Wii bowling.  This one took awhile.  

5. We played flashlight hide and seek.  Ava and Jack pretty much yell to each other where they are hiding once the other one is done counting.  

6.  We played flashlight tag which was kind of hard in a small space.  

7.  We read books.  He got some books for his birthday from the Billy and Blaze collection that I had read when I was little about a little boy and his horse.  I'm hoping it will encourage him to read more.  Also when they go to bed, they can keep their little lights on and read for a while.  

Then we enjoyed a little more popcorn, and we each watched a show.  By then, we were exhausted!  We have one more fun birthday thing this weekend - a play date with his buddy Noah and then grandma and grandpa get to come.  The fun never ends!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Project complete!

Of course it's not really ever completely done, but the main things are done, and it feels good!  It's so nice to be able to relax finally.  I don't think I have really relaxed since we moved here.  It's nice to just enjoy the house now.  I remember thinking "won't it be nice when all I have to do is regular housework" and yes it is nice!  Enjoy the pictures!

Gallery wall - reposting this

This is my favorite thing!  I always wanted to put the kids pictures out where we could see them but never really had space for it.  So this was exciting!

Before and after - Guest room

Before and after - school room

Kids and living room

Before and after - bath

Before and after - master

Before and afters - kitchen