Monday, June 30, 2008

40th & Other Happenings

We've had a busy couple of weeks. Our church celebrated it's 40th anniversary a week ago and we had a great time. There was a picnic on the grounds on Saturday evening and special services on Sunday. Along with 40 years, we were also able to pay off the mortgage on our addition this month. In the afternoon, we had a mortgage burning service. That was a blessing!

The kids had fun, too!

It has been really nice and warm here in Minnesota, so we've been able to pull out the little pool. Jack loves it!

We also had a chicken pox scare a couple of weeks ago. Jack had been exposed to someone who had chicken pox, but did not get the bumps until the following day. About a week later, he had some bumps show up. We still don't know if he had a very mild case of chicken pox or if he just had some mosquito bites. He only had about 5 bumps and never acted like he was sick. Praise the Lord!

This last weekend, we were able to go to the Minnesota Zoo with some friends of ours. We had a great time with them and their two kids. Jack had a great time, but he sure got tired!

And ever since we've gone to the zoo, Jack has enjoyed making animal sounds!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

New Camera

Good news! We finally have a new camera and we are really enjoying it. We no longer have to update the blog with small, low quality pictures.

Here is a nice picture that we took with one of the features of this camera. It can isolate one color and make everything else B & W. It makes a nice effect.

Shannon has started babysitting a boy that is about 3 weeks younger than Jack. She does this 4 days a week and so far everything is going great. He is a really good boy and he and Jack have a good time together.

Jack loves to brush his teeth. Shannon usually brushes his teeth for him and then gives him the toothbrush and he loves to put it in the water and brush it around his mouth. He cries when he has to stop.

Here he is showing how excited he is to brush his teeth and how much stuff needs to be cleaned out. Sorry about the grossness of this picture.

First, we have to wet the brush

Then we have to brush the teeth

Then we're all done!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"BA DO!"

For anyone who has a bird feeder, you know the squirrels cause all sorts of trouble. So when I see a squirrel on the bird feeder, I run out there and say Something Very Fierce like "Oh, you BAD SQUIRRELS!" So they run away, and we do that several times a day. Well, Matt and Jack think that is funny; and now Jack stands at the window and yells at the birds feeding there saying "BA DO" which as you all know means BAD SQUIRRELS! Warning for me to watch what I say since I guess the mimicking is starting!

New Friends

Elli and Jake Ball, our new neighbors, are fun! Elli is 3, and Jake is almost 1! We play outside all day (or we would if mom would let us)! I am glad they are here! Love, Jack