Thursday, May 7, 2009

My organized offspring...

Matt said, I think Jack will be organized like you. I said why? Look at the farm- 1 animal in front of each fence all lined up. I couldn't have been prouder! I don't think it's been like that since though...


There are so many funny things (in my opinion) that Jack says that I thought I should write them down somewhere, and here is as good a place as any. Of course being the mom, I may not be a good judge. But please indulge me for a bit....

Me: "Jack, say thank you to the ladies." (in the nursery)
Jack: "Thank you, a ladies." yelling

Driving in traffic: "Mommy, look! Cars!"

Matt says "Hey Baby" to me every now and then, so Jack gets his manly voice out, "HEY BABA!" (long As)

Sitting with Matt in choir practice: "Daddy, you good songer!"

Playing ball with me: "Good job, Mommy!" or "Almot!" (That means almost. Sometimes Imiss the ball, I guess.) It's a little humiliating when your 2 year old tries to console you for missing the ball!

He's practicing his "Ls" since I have been known to laugh about it to other people. For instance a little girl I babysit whose name is Hailey- he calls her Katie. He heard me telling her mom that yesterday morning, and he tried very hard all day to say Hailey, so now it comes out "Kelly". Oh well. I thought it was cute though that that made him start practicing. See? Smart! HA

Last night while holding him before bed, I went over our day saying, "Didn't we have a great day? We played outside, and...." I was going on and on. His face started mimicking mine getting more and more animated and copying my tone of voice, he said, "I get down!" I laughed hard at that one.

So potty training started this week. No potty going quite yet. At least, he doesn't cry anymore when I sit him on the potty. He likes diapers. So now he gets M&Ms if he sits on the potty, and I read a Bible story. He is learning them, too! I think we've told Noah and Creation several times this week. Oh well, I guess he's not quite ready yet, but any little bit helps.

Trying to break him of saying, "That's my (fill in the blank)!" Slow going!

Matt also decided we should do family devotions every night, and it is so much fun! We read a story and sing songs and then we pray. I really love this time together. Jack always wants one more story. I'm glad he's excited.

We have a good life. I'm grateful for Matt's leadership and for Jack just being Jack.

Well that's about it- busy painting my parent's house this week and last, church stuff, and Mother's Day coming up! Whoo-hoo! I just want the refrigerator to give me filtered water again (and ice)! That's what I asked for.