Saturday, May 27, 2017

Random things that make me smile...

Really cool jars I found in the barn. Really this place has neverending cool stuff in its nooks and crannies. 
Some of my favorite quotes from the stairway banner.  

Since then...celebrating!

Special dinner and dessert, new sprinkler, outside fun projects - looking forward to a summer full of more of this!

Jack had the idea to make a swing, so he and Matt just did it!

Found this table Lillie pointed out when taking a farm tour with the girls, so Matt put it back together and now we have an outside table!

The kids have a new interest: climbing trees. So Matt put some steps up this tree that has some great climbing branches a ways off the ground.  I'm supportive and scared at the same time.

Grandma and Grandaddy sent cards and gift cards celebrating the end of school.  

Jammin' Juniors

We celebrated the end of the year with a sleepover at my house for my junior girls. Stayed up late and laughed just like usual.   They gave me a sweet note along with an awesome mug from Anthropologie and Lillie's vocabulary book  
that we used to do for fun together. Well I did it for fun, and she capitalized on it since it helped her get it done.  Ha.
And here's a sweet thankful note on my chalkboard.  I miss them already. 

Last day of school - Picnic at 7 Mile Creek

Jack and his teacher Mrs. Yates. Great year with a great teacher!
Same with Ava.  Here she is with Miss Solt, her teacher from the last two years.  I think my favorite thing about them is both of my kids love to read due to them and their teaching. 

Best buddies.  Ava and Noah

Awards Chapel and Cleaning Day

Best buddies.  Jack and Noah
After cleaning, Jack's class playing a game.
High School Awards

Jack's class's awards

Ava's class's awards

Isaac showing off his 3-d puzzle skills. Isaac was in Jack's class this year and is Noah's brother.  He is a little older, but came to Jack's sleepover birthday party too.  He and Noah both are very kind to Ava, so she pretty much worships them especially Isaac since he played with her and looks out for her at school. Love the school kids.  There's some great ones!