Monday, February 24, 2014


We are back in Minnesota and not sure if that's good or not!  Came back to the end of a blizzard and were not sure we would even make it back to Fairmont.  But we did!  And it was so good to be back in our own church on Sunday.  Some asked why I didn't update the blog this past week.  Well we were busy!  And I finally switched to vacation mode.  The weather was perfect this past week - 80s - just how I like it!  

This is what we did:

1.  Monday was the Titanic exhibition which we all loved.  I am fascinated by all things Titanic, and it was a great exhibit.  We went on a guided tour and were given tickets with a person's name and history on it.  At the end, we got to see if we made it or not.  Ava and I both made it, and Matt and Jack did not since they were both 3rd class.  I was a 1st class actress and although Ava was in 3rd class, being a female probably helped her survive.  Anyway it was very fascinating and became very personal.  After Titanic, we went mini golfing and then had Baskin Robbins ice cream which we don't have here.  

2.  Tuesday we divided and conquered.  Matt took Ava to Legoland, and I took Jack to Hollywood Studios along with my uncle Larry and aunt Linda. This was probably my favorite day weather wise and it was not too busy at the parks.  Well I guess we did stand in one 95 minute line since Jack really wanted to ride Toy Story, but otherwise, it seemed to fall into place.  

3.  Wednesday another beautiful day while Matt took Jack to Legoland and I took Ava to the Magic Kingdom by myself.  I was a little nervous to do that, and it seemed much busier than normal. We did have a great time though, and Ava got to meet Rapunzel who is her favorite princess.  I don't think Ava remembered coming before, so it was fun seeing it through her eyes.  

4.  Thursday we ran some last minute errands and cleaned up since we thought we were leaving.  We also hit Downtown Disney one more time and got a Mickey ice cream bar.  

5.  Friday we went to the airport, found out our flight was pushed back and we would miss our connecting flight to Atlanta.  So we opted to stay one more day in Florida as opposed to being stuck in Atlanta, but by then we had returned our rental car and so got a hotel with a shuttle and they shuttled us to Cracker Barrel in addition to the hotel.  The kids also got to swim before the storms hit.  Yep, it was time to leave!

6.  Saturday very early we finally left Orlando.  Got to Minneapolis, had lunch with the family and were on our way not being sure if we would make it too far on the roads.  We did finally make it although two days later than we planned.  It was a great vacation!  Hopefully it will get us through the next four months of winter.  Matt thinks I'm exaggerating just a little but I'm not too sure!

We have a few exciting things for our church to look forward to with Matt's alma mater Maranatha bringing their very large choir to our church this week.  And then a missions conference in two weeks!   And then Matt's birthday and our anniversary are both coming up, so that's always exciting!  Well here are pictures!
A man in Carol and Larry's development saw us outside and lent us his remote control boat for while we were there.  So nice and fun!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Best Valentines Ever!

The people AND today!  
I loved being in Florida on Valentine's Day!  

I love that we got bogo watches at Fossil.

I loved having sweets with my sweets at Ghirardelli Ice Cream Shoppe in Downtown Disney.  A sundae AND my normal chocolate covered strawberries!  Yum!  

I loved spending the whole day out together.  Even though it's nice to be out without the kids too, we have had a great time all being together and I think the kids are feeling better so that helps.  We also went to the Holy Land Experience which was amazing!  We wish we could have spent a little more time there but we had reservations at...

Maggiano's! - one of our favorite places that got closed down in Minnesota.  They still have my favorite pasta ever - Rigatoni D.  Jack shared with me, and I took a picture of his face after his first bite.  

Tomorrow Matt is golfing with Larry so we will hang around the house, and that sounds nice!  With all the driving we have been doing, it will be nice to relax and enjoy the beautiful house and development here for a day.  And with church on Sunday, I'm sure we will be ready for a park day on Monday.  Jack and Matt will be going to Legoland, and since Ava's a little small for the rides, she and I will keep ourselves occupied elsewhere.  I will keep you posted!