Sunday, December 24, 2017

Study Hall Fam - (LtoR) Lillie, Audrey, Paige, Sydnie

I think I may have posted this picture before, but it's my favorite one of these cute and sweet girls who are so special to me. Our Snapchat group is called Study Hall  Fam, and hardly a day goes by that we don't chat about something. They are seniors this year and stressing out about the future. We had a fun Christmas lunch with lots of laughs, and they spoiled me. I wasn't expecting anything.  I mean, they're in school. But so sweet, and I loved every bit of it.  The shiplap tshirt and my Magnolia throw and matching pillow and the Play Doh which is sort of a joke since I love it and would bring it to class sometimes to squeeze and smell.  Ha. Anyway, they are delightful, and I'm grateful for the times I have had with them. I will hang onto them as long as they let me.

School's out! Our school Christmas party at the farmhouse

Christmas Eve at church

Jack and Matt with matching suits (almost)

The kids (and we too) got gifts from church people, and the Cushmans really went all out for us. They're really like family!

Christmas Part 1 - Our House

Gifts from Uncle Chris and Aunt Alicia!

 Matt got me a candle that smells like the Disney Beach Club Resort so I can feel like I'm there always. :) And also a Main Street Bakery one. And I got an electric blanket and a movie. And way too much candy. Spoiled! Besides the chair and new purse that I got previously.  :)

This is the destruction after...lots of boxes due to online ordering!

Matt got a Google home mini and a headlamp and some pants...besides the iPad he got previously. :)

The kids got Legos and transformers and calendars and movies and Ava got a doll and horse while Jack got a suit among other things. It was pretty fun!