Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy birthday, Mom!

We had a great time getting together for mom's birthday this weekend! Pizza and cake - yum! Good company and good food - thats the best! Also happy anniversary to my parents! 30 years - wow!!!

Here's a picture of the kids playing with one of her presents. I didn't get a good picture of mom and everyone else with my phone so those might have to come later when Matt gets them off the camera.

Jack and Ava got some pheasant hats from Uncle Brent and Aunt Heidi so those were a hit!

And President's Day was fun because we were able to have Levi and Lexi over for a play date! It's rare we get to do that these days, so we enjoyed that!

So the weekend was a blast! I feel rested after the days off and quitting the kids klub, so I'm actually ready to get back in the routine. Jack - not so much. He had a hard time getting up this morning. But I'm excited to be free to be more "there" for my family. God has been good to us in every way, and we are so grateful! Looking forward to our 10 year anniversary vacation in just a few weeks!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Great dinner at Crave and dessert at Yum for Valentine's Day! I also got some delicious chocolate dipped strawberries. It was our 12th Valentine's together. As an old couple in our church that had been married about 60 years used to say, "We are thinking of making it permanent!"

Jack also had a fun date with Aunt Nanny after a party at school! And Ava got to play with Grandma and Grandpa. So we all had a great day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jack's 6 year old checkup

Jack had his 6 year old checkup yesterday and other than a sinus infection that has been holding on, he is in the 50th percentile and doing great. He is 46" tall and weighs 47 pounds. Good eyesight and hearing. I'm glad for antibiotics so we can get him healthy! Poor guy!

Ava always seems to have a chronic cold lately, but is in good spirits. She has a funny little sense of humor. She is a little sensitive and dramatic about getting hurt and being told no but otherwise is happy and doing well. I know potty training and taking the pacifier away and transferring to a toddler bed are the next big events in her life, so I'm trying to prepare myself for that. I think some things are harder on the parents.

We've had a couple days of sunshine lately and that has helped with the winter blues. January had some definite cold spots. But now we are halfway through February and a little closer to vacation!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Alumni Weekend

We were able to take a weekend trip to Georgia to my high school this past weekend for alumni weekend. It was nice to see so many faces from my high school and catch up on their lives. I loved being able to take my family with me and show them off too. And the 60 degree weather was a bonus! Also it was fun to see how much the area has been built up and how many restaurants and stores are there now that weren't there when I lived there of course! We enjoyed lots of good food and some free time to visit our houses that we lived in on top of reminiscing with old friends. But one of the best things was going to the church service on Sunday and enjoying the music and preaching...at least until I was forced to take Ava out. It was a great weekend!

Happy 6th Birthday to Jack!!

We let Jack pick a friend to ride rides at the Mall of America for his birthday. So here are he and Grant having a great time.

Then we had a family party, and he wanted a Spider-Man theme so Matt decorated the cake and did a great job. First time! He got Legos and some art supplies since he is very interested in drawing lately. Also with his birthday money, he ordered a black Spider-Man costume that he has wanted for a while. I think he's worn it every day just about since he got it.

Jack is growing up so fast. Maybe it seems quicker now since he's in school but we were looking at some old pictures of him as a baby, and it seems so long ago I don't even remember those stages. I'm so glad we took lots of pictures and videos. Here we go, age 6!

We have been busy with Jack's birthday and a trip to Georgia. We will get some pictures on here soon. We had a great time together and Jack loved his birthday! This week was spirit week at school, so here is Jack's costume for fairy tale day that won first place. He got a Kit Kat, so he was excited about that.

The weather has been typical January weather for Minnesota so it was nice to go to Georgia and have a break from the negatives and enjoy some 60s.