Friday, February 13, 2009

Funny new phrases...

I am just enjoying Jack so much in this phase. Everything is fun, and he comes up with some good comments! My favorite one was last week. I came out all dressed up and he said, "Mommy! look handsome!" I guess he hears that word a lot. My brother said to tell him that's a good way to get candy! He will learn fast with that incentive! If mommy's happy, everyone else is! He also says, "I 'cited" for excited, and "I tidered" for tired. I am babysitting a new little girl named Hayley whom he calls Katie. I guess he can't quite get everything out properly, but it's fun to hear him try.

It was fun to find out there's a Stride Rite outlet in Albertville! We had a good time there the other day when it was above 40. We have so enjoyed the nicer weather and are looking forward to green and sunny Florida in a few weeks!

So we are staying pretty busy! Matt working, my babysitting and editing my brother Chris's devotionals, the gym, hosting some church activities at our house, and of course spending time with family (each other and extended) are what we do! Looking forward to Valentine's for some time together! Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


These were taken in the nursery of the kids in the little house praying. It's never too early!