Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chicken Coop Treasures

Matt took this picture of me in the chicken coop and tweeted it out to Chip Gaines from my favorite HGTV show Fixer Upper that we were searching for treasures for our next fixer upper project and that I was in heaven.  And Chip tweeted back, "I can see why!" So that's my claim to fame! And yes, we did find a ton of treasures: great wood and other things (among them lots of dead mice. I screamed a lot in case they moved.)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kids 4 Truth Sports Night

Fall Bulletin Board

I did pictures of each class and what they said they were thankful for.  Some fun answers! The little ones were thankful for animals while the older ones were thankful for pizza and Netflix.  Along with Mom and Dad I'm sure! 

Farm Fun

We never run out of things to do on the farm! 

Family Time

Our Halloween fun usually includes time with family, a little dress up, and way too much candy! So it was fun meeting up with everyone this year and seeing the kids have fun dressing up. We also spent some time at the Mall of America with our family celebrating 15 years since our first date.  Matt and Jack went to the Mythbusters exhibit, and Ava and I rode rides. We also revisited our first date restaurant in the mall (still there!) and the waitress asked if we were wearing costumes on our first date.  Our first date was actually a Monday, October 29th. So I said no we didn't, and we didn't have kids with us then either! So lots of changes.  What a difference 15 years makes!

Jack and Me

Ava was sick one day last week so we sent a picture of us missing her at lunch.  
And here's Jack being silly.