Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Oliver! And Noah!

Us with a baby! Ach! Yay that it's our nephew! Not sure we have the fortitude for another one, so it's nice to enjoy time with Oliver!
Noah got to spend the weekend with us, and we all want to adopt him. He got the kids outside more and cheerfully helped us with whatever we had to do.  He fit right into our family!

For some reason, I always write Oliver's name with an exclamation point! It's so exciting when we get to see him. Unfortunately, the reason we got to see him was a family funeral for my beloved Aunt Carol, my mom's sister. What a loss.  She and Larry are favorites of ours with all of the Florida trips we have been on.  Love them so much, but we are not "sorrowing as those who have no hope." Looking forward to seeing her again! We have also lost two precious 93 year old ladies in just two weeks in our church.  Irene from a previous post and another church lady, Donna.  Both faithful Christians who will be missed greatly personally and by our church.  Thank God for Heaven!

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