Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cat news

Some good news and some bad news.  Living on a farm, we have always assumed something could happen to our cats, and Shadow has been gone since July 4th.  We've heard a story about our neighbor  who had a black cat fighting  with his cat.  Hmmm. We miss him and are trying to move on with Shelly and the two kittens who are still with us.  In good news (to us, maybe not the kids), the other two kittens found a home on a farm with a homeschooling family. So we wish them well.  Here is Ava saying good-bye to the two kittens. 

The two kittens who are left. Their names keep changing. Midnight is now Shadow Jr. last I heard, and Fifi is now Cheetoh since we found out he's a boy (we think).

And Shelly the mama. RIP Shadow. He really was a great cat for us.  

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